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General Discussion / Re: Ebay find of the month!
« Last post by Bird on Today at 12:55:25 PM »

Interesting setup... but looks like its ready to fall over with such a short wheelbase ???

Vehicle/Model Mercedes Benz UNIMOG U1000 1978
Engine Type OM352 X/1 Four stroke diesel direct injection 6 cylinder 5.7Ltr
Power 96 kW @ 2800rpm
Torque 363 Nm @ 1700rpm
Transmission 8 Speed synchromesh transmission with 8 speed reverse. Internal transfer case providing rear wheel drive or 4 X 4 (shift on the fly)
Auxiliary Transmission Working Group for the serious off roader: 5.76:1 reduction for all 8 gears & reverse gears – provide from 488:1 in 1st to 37.6:1 in 8th gear
Fuel Tank Duel OEM fuel tanks (160ltr 140ltr)
General Discussion / Re: Funny Youtube clips
« Last post by Bird on Today at 12:18:13 PM »
The back story on the Dmax
interesting read

Incredibly lucky that the catastrophic failure didn't result in a loss of control at high speeds or a vehicle rollover. As a workshop manager of Australian mine engineering workshop, and being a senior mechanical engineering myself, this failure has occurred on various sites, resulting in the DMax being excluded pending further investigations. Our own investigations have concluded several faults in the rear suspension/ chassis and differential design and implications. I will state the three major. Firstly, the casting of the axle tubes have indicated that the metallurgy has lead to a very brittle compound that is easily fractured on impact, resulting in hairline fractures forming within the impact zone and spreading outwards approximately 30mm before flexing causing the fractures to migrate in a circular action, encompassing the housing. This leads to the second fault of excessive deformation of the axle. Due to subsequent undersizing, excessive vertical torsion, and unusual tapered design that induces hairline fractures at the wheel end, which is also the narrowest taper point, due to harmonics, and taking into account wheel bearings that deform, allowing axle free play to exceed recommend parameters, failure is sudden and catastrophic. Thirdly, are the airbag placement. They should only be used to support excessive weight on the rear of the vehicle when towing. They should be deflated when not in use, as they severely limit the flexing ability of the chassis by increasing rigidity and causing distortion within the body structure that the vehicle was never designed to achieve. Their placement also restricts the absorption and release of stored momentum within the rear suspension, resulting in undesirable horizontal and vertical movement, excessive torsion and multi axis movement not engineered, nor within, the design of the vehicle. A redesigned rear suspension system is available  for civilian vehicles but is not applicable for minesite vehicles. Hope this helps
General Discussion / Re: Funny photos - 2020
« Last post by filcar on Today at 11:19:45 AM »
Mount Isa
Had a look at the gear from the Gazzard Bros...... noice..

We'll be spending some money there soon.

Couple of pics,

1. The floor is pretty good now, so I can start making some templates for the replacement of some sheet metal.

2. Not cheap, @ $780 a pair, but hmmmm baby, nice and sticky.

3. When i'm not building the car, i'm digging out the pool I filled in 10 years ago.
    I was setting a pump to get the water out.

General Discussion / Re: What am I Grateful for today.
« Last post by GeoffA on Today at 08:02:28 AM »
Onya Daz.... :cup: :cup:
General Discussion / Re: What am I Grateful for today.
« Last post by Fizzie on Today at 07:59:49 AM »
Good to hear, Daz! :cup:
General Discussion / Re: 200 Series diesel has cacked its dacks
« Last post by GGV8Cruza on Today at 07:28:09 AM »
How do you drain them?

The drain in mine is tucked up in the wing of the bullbar. Every 5000k i move the plastic internal liner of the inner guard out of the way and pull out the drain hose. It almost reaches the ground when extended. On the end i have a water ball valve which I zip tie locked and I drain it into a coke bottle or similar. After draining new zippy and tuck it up out of the way for next time.

General Discussion / Re: What am I Grateful for today.
« Last post by Hairs on Today at 07:27:08 AM »
Hey Daz,
That's awesome to hear mate. :cup:
Fantastic stuff.
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