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General Discussion / Re: Borneo info
« Last post by xvprado on Today at 09:34:33 PM »
Been about 4 years since our last visit. KK is a nice town, there are some good resorts about 30 minutes out of town, Nexus and one other, if that's your thing they both front on to the ocean and are very clean and well set up. Sepilok and Sandakan are worth the trip to see the orangatans and some great war history, Mt Kinabalu is pretty speccy. Kuching is a bit so so, wouldn't really bother with that again. There are some good day tours out of the KK area to long houses and stuff. While youre there Brunei is certainly worth a few days, the Sultans brother built a hotel called the Empire, it is just soo good, great country to really get a feel for an alternative culture and political system, highly recommend it. Borneo is pretty diverse and the people are lovely
General Discussion / Re: What made you smile today - 2018
« Last post by richo9923 on Today at 09:19:45 PM »
Awesome Richo :cup:

Whereabouts ???

Its just outside of Numurkah (VIC), settlement is 1st FEB so just have to wait now!!
General Discussion / Re: Funny Photos 2018 edition
« Last post by Bird on Today at 09:10:25 PM »
nutha one going around with
General Discussion / Re: What size fridge?
« Last post by Adam Venning on Today at 08:12:20 PM »
We use a 75ltr evakool fridge/freezer for our family of 6 and a ice box for beers and wine but looking at getting second fridge to replace ice box.
At the moment it works well as kids are aged 10, 8, 6 and 4 but as they get older and eat more will have to look at getting something bigger
General Discussion / Re: 12v set ups
« Last post by Adam Venning on Today at 08:06:35 PM »
Cheers Brad 👍
General Discussion / Re: 12v set ups
« Last post by BC66 on Today at 07:55:49 PM »
Hi Adam
Our Jayco Hawk OB has 175 watt solar panels on the roof, a Morningstar Pro Star 30 amp controller and 2x 120 ah batteries and they all work great together. All our lights are LED, electric water pump and a couple of USB outlets for charging phones etc. I also have a 750 watt inverter for the wife hair dryer.
It’s a pretty simple set up that works for what we need

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General Discussion / 12v set ups
« Last post by Adam Venning on Today at 07:50:44 PM »
Hi all, what has everyone got as their 12v set ups? As there is a lot to choose from in this area with converters,batteries, solar panels, chargers etc. Just wondering what as a general set up that works well?
As I am looking at getting into free camping I'm keen to know what would be my options... I don't need to go over the top but don't want to under do it a well.
I already have a 170w solar panel that I haven't used yet and a decent battery and looking at buying a new camper which has x2 100amph batteries in it, I don't run to much stuff fridge, 3-4 lights, chargers for phone and kids ipads but want to take coffee machine 🤣.
Also should I go dc to dc charging or would solar be enough?
Advice would be appreciated 👍
General Discussion / Re: What size fridge?
« Last post by Brodie Tas on Today at 07:27:36 PM »
I have a 40l fits better in my patrol for the setup i have. We really only do weekend trips away but when we do go away for a week ill take my 3way fridge aswell and use that as a freezer
General Discussion / Re: Borneo info
« Last post by Annieandandy on Today at 06:45:59 PM »
We did Sabah about 12 years ago as a family holiday with our 2 boys who were about 15 and 11. I think it was about October we went. I think of all our holidays we've had, it is one best that comes to mind. My memories are of seeing my boys laughing and smiling by all the experiences.
KK is just another asian city, and it was a bit saddening to see how much deforrestation for palm oil was happening even back then, but the (12 day?) tour was fantastic.
We left from KK and did Mount Kinabalu, Sungai Kinabatangan, Pulau Libaran, Sepilok Orangutang sanctuary, Mulu National Park, Kundasang War Memorial and a couple of other islands and places I cant remeber.
We were very lucky with our tour(cant remember who it was with). It was basically the 4 of us and 2 guides (one was a trainee). They were from rural areas and knew the places really well. They would do things like tell us were to stand at the Orangutang sanctuary, as they know where the animals would go to (directly in front of us) and at the turtle sanctuary they knew the rangers, so the boys got a side tour and got to handle the hatchlings and even got to release some of them. We toured a few islands out that way.
Kinabatangan River was great. We stayed on the river and did different day trips. The monkeys had the kids in laughter all day, we got lucky and saw Orangutangs in the wild, but the miniature elephants are very elusive.
Mount Kinabalu was great too, in fact the worst part of it was KK, but we arent really fans of visiting cities.

On the way home we stayed over at Brunei. Very different and surprisingly we enjoyed it. We stayed at the Empire Hotel & Country Club. It wasnt overly expensive, and its service and facilities was over the top. Even the capital, Bandar Seri Begawan, was very lay back and enjoyable. Just remember its a dry country (but you were allowed to take in some alcohol for consumption in your room).
Jerudong Amusement Park was ok too. The dodgem cars are full on smash up derbies, and for a massive amusement park, there wasnt many people there.

Thanks mate,

We aren't overly keen on the city side of things either  so will be trying to get out to some of the off the beaten track places.

We've only got two weeks but plan on spending a bit of time kicking back on the beach and doing a bit of snorkelling.

How did you find the hike? We are looking at a two day one night climb. We do a bit of hiking here in the winter but Mount Kinabalu is a lot higher than anything around here.

Cheers Andy
General Discussion / Re: Borneo info
« Last post by Annieandandy on Today at 06:36:34 PM »

Went there in 2003 and was a great place, we stayed at Shangri La Rasa Ria, had everything there. Orangutan sanctuary on site. Did not do the mountain as my daughter was only 12 months old. The city part of KK was not bad either at the time.

Thanks Grant,

It's never been on my to do list but the more we look into it the nicer it looks.

Cheers Andy
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