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Hey Noel,
I have seen modeling where it will head north up the coast to already drenched rivers.
Problem with such big systems, the amount they dump, runs off causing the serve flooding we saw up north.
Soaking ran is what is needed.
We'll have to wait and see what she throws at us.

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I reckon we'll get the Omar Sharif huff n puff.

Not that I want to see flooding, but the whole state has been arse about this summer.
Fires, flood, you name it, most of the state has gotit.... except S E Qld.
I even went up on the roof this morning checking everything is tight, as its an older home and I kinda need the roof I have.

It was friggin hot too, kneeling on tin lid. Gunna shoot up again in the morning and finish a few spot.

I don't really think my roof will blow off, but no harm in checking it. (unless I fall off the roof)
No sense waiting until the roof goes shooting across the front yard and then thinking, maybe I should've checked the roof.

Oh well, we'll know by next week I guess.
General Discussion / Re: Lightweight hiking/camping chair
« Last post by GBC on Yesterday at 02:45:56 PM »
Aldi does a version of the helinox chair which I have. It goes fine.
General Discussion / Re: The 60's and 70's what a great time.
« Last post by edz on Yesterday at 02:35:26 PM »
First real job out of school was Boat building, 44 hrs a week and $64.10 in the pay packet.  ;D
First $1 ever earned at a  job was,  age 5 > 6 picking up buckets of chat potatoes after the pickers had been up the rows .
Odd jobs during the High school years were in a bakery making pies,  off siding with a courier truck driver and fencing work .
General Discussion / Re: The 60's and 70's what a great time.
« Last post by Jeepers Creepers on Yesterday at 01:44:00 PM »
So what was everyone's first job, seeing pottsy bought it up. (Ya such a pottsy)

I did Caddy work at the golf course from age 12 and pumped petrol from the same age I think.
General Discussion / Lightweight hiking/camping chair
« Last post by Kangaron on Yesterday at 01:42:13 PM »
After a couple of very lightweight and comfortable chairs we can carry into locations, concerts etc.
I already own 2 x Oztent Gecko's and 2 x Oztent King Goannas.
So far the Helinox Sunset Chair is winning at 1.475 Kg, packing up to 14cm x 47cm x 12cm.
Info on any others you own would be appreciated.
General Discussion / Re: The 60's and 70's what a great time.
« Last post by Pottsy on Yesterday at 01:34:52 PM »
You know what I really loved about the sixties and half of the seventies, I didn't pay for a thing. :D
Stupidly I got work in 76 at fifteen and the bills started rolling in and haven't stopped since. >:D
General Discussion / Re: Shower Pump
« Last post by Craig Tomkinson on Yesterday at 01:11:41 PM »
I bought one like a primus you use in a 20lt bucket around 5 years ago, it did a few weeks camped at Inskip showering our camp, then I stored it away went up again 12 months later did not go, so bought a new primus one, so my mate pulled the older one apart it just seized on the shaft my mate sprayed inox on the shaft and gave it a turn away it went, So now I have two, and both are a are still going, But what I do now is hang them up, let all the water dry out of the pump and line then spray a little inox in the pump, both still work great, Craig
General Discussion / Re: Shower Pump
« Last post by Traveller on Yesterday at 12:20:31 PM »
Thanks all for the clues, hopefully we will be able to have a good scrub when needed.
Sitting out the front having a few :cheers: with Fysh
Hoping it will rain soon.
Christ the place is dry.
In 22 years I've never seen it this dry.
We don't have horses these days, they would have to be hand fed.
Really feel for those on land.

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If Oma comes our way your wishes may be filled. Higgins said last night that one model shows 1300mm of rain for Brissie if it crosses between Bundy and Tweed. Might need a reinforced brollie next week.  :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
And an inflatable swimming pool.
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