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General Discussion / Re: See ya mate
« Last post by Marcus73 on Today at 01:05:35 AM »
Sounds like a true champ. Enjoy the memories

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General Discussion / See ya mate
« Last post by macca on Today at 12:28:08 AM »
Tonite I lost a lost a true friend.  I have known this guy for fifty years and we have been to hell and back together. He taught me to sail and nagivate, together we have sailed thousands of miles on some of the toughest oceans in the world  both on ocean racing yachts and delivering  yachts for people who didn't want to be out there.
We have camped and fished together on just about every inch of the Murray river, bloody hell I gonna miss you mate.
This may sound strange but I'm proud to say this mate was also my father inlaw who has been there for me since I lost my old man when I was in my early twenties .
At the age of 62 he said to me I'm going to ride a bike from Perth to Melbourne,  I said to him "do you even know how to ride a bike", but over the next few months he bought all the gear and rode his bike from Perth to Melbourne solo,  no backup,  no plan B. Then two years later he said he was going to paddle a canoe the entire length of the Murray and I said "sure you will " and he did,  my only regret is I didnt do it with  him, but I was too busy bringing up his granddaughters.
The last thing he said to me was "do the things you want to do before your body wont let you" and I am.
This is not a post looking for sympathy,  this is a post to say I am proud to have known you, a person that has been there and done that.  We will miss you Rossco, but will never forget you. Know you will be with me on the Madigan Line next year,  looking forward to the bourbon, see ya there mate.
Sorry for the ramblings , been a tough nite.
See ya mate

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Hey mate, had on of these for 12 months, seems OK so far.  It replaced Theo’s battery, even though it was still OK, I wanted a new one for our last remote trip.

 Also check their ebay store, sometimes it is cheaper, sometimes it is not.


Thanks KB
General Discussion / Re: What made you smile today - 2018
« Last post by tryagain on Yesterday at 09:59:00 PM »
Yet people here bitch and whinge about a rich bloke who became president because they don’t like his personality.
I'd agree with this, there are plenty of Ad hominem attacks that go on, not just here though.

People need to let him govern and if he has done something wrong let their judicial process take place.
I think people should have free reign on attacking times where he has obviously lied or mislead the public for personal gain, or policies that he proposes, but if all you have is name calling then you need to do better.
General Discussion / Re: Whats making news in 2018 edition
« Last post by tryagain on Yesterday at 09:37:34 PM »
I'm very sure that he went there to test his own religious beliefs, No and to try and convert others to his way of worship. Yes

Ignoring all advice/warnings he failed to understand that they/the islanders were quite happy with their own beliefs. 
And weren't prepared to put up with interference from any one else who thought they knew better.

This is where you are trying to appropriate a situation to your argument, but it just doesn't stand up. They would have had no idea he was coming to try and spread his beliefs and killed him for that, the far more likely scenario is that it has been passed down that a couple of hundred yrs ago, white invaders came and kidnapped/killed some of them and so now they kill invaders to protect themselves.

And they stopped others from removing the body so he wouldn't be hailed as a 'Martyr'.
Now how do you suppose that they know what a Martyr is or that he would be hailed as one if his body was returned or that was the reason they stopped further people coming ashore.

Just left it on the beach as a visible warning to others of what to expect.
Actually, they buried him, they apparently put a couple of local fishermen who accidentally drifted onto the island on bamboo stakes like scarecrows back in 2006 but they weren't there to spread their beliefs so it still dosen't fit your narrative.

General Discussion / Re: What made you smile today - 2018
« Last post by JusyApples on Yesterday at 09:24:43 PM »
Not necessarily inaccurate but definitely unbalanced. North Korea, Syria and Saudi Arabia come to mind as regimes that have been heavily criticised.. And Trump is no better than the media when it comes to fake news, or at least spinning the story the way he wants it.

Personally I don’t give a toss if Trump does or doesn’t get taken down. But if Mueller proves he has done something illegal, why shouldn’t he be treated the same as any other citizen?
Yes, so why don’t we hear every second day on this forum about the leaders of those three countries? No one gives a crap that women get beheaded for not even what we consider crimes. Yet people here bitch and whinge about a rich bloke who became president because they don’t like his personality.

People need to let him govern and if he has done something wrong let their judicial process take place.

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General Discussion / Re: Snorkel ram head
« Last post by PWE on Yesterday at 09:15:20 PM »
The Jmaxc one look like someone made it in their garage project, looks great but does not look factory like the Safari one.
I’ve looking at the Safari one but not the ram head. I prefer a top hat.
Showroom Floor / Re: 80ah lithium battery pack
« Last post by Marcus73 on Yesterday at 09:06:25 PM »
The fact no one from the company has made any contact might be a good sign for you guys.  Either that, they're just plain hopeless and trying to work out what to do...

Kogan honored a price error on some Dyson vacs (I think?) a few years back that cost them $80K, but got them a ton of free publicity thanks to their 'goodwill'.

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We can only hope. Not how I’d run my business if they have no intentions of honouring it.

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General Discussion / Re: Funny Photos 2018 edition
« Last post by briann532 on Yesterday at 08:50:31 PM »

General Discussion / Re: What made you smile today - 2018
« Last post by briann532 on Yesterday at 08:47:28 PM »
It’s interesting that there are regimes across the world particularly in the Middle East and Africa who commit horrible crimes against their own people or have been in wars for generations yet no one bitches and complains about them or calls for their head.

Yet one person who is subject to some of the biggest false reporting constantly, who is doing wonderful things for their countries economy, employment etc people from another country want to see them jailed for what the media purports they have done. 

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Simple really.
How does chasing some African despot or small Asian dictator sell advertising or up my share prices???
Hype sells and I need to make the payments on my new audi so just keep your opinions to yourself, buy my misguided rubbish, ignore humanity and then we can all move on to the next whirlwind of media hype to make next months audi payment.
Ooooh I think I just saw Caitlin Jenner at a strip club.... Break out the cameras...
(Please don't fret over the majority of the world living in poverty and fear. It's Christmas time, Santa will fix everything....)

Seriously though, yeah mate, I agree. Media is media. Truth is truth.

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