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General Discussion / Re: Dakar Rally
« Last post by VKPrado on Today at 01:56:20 PM »
It is great to see the cars are still trying even if the gaps are quite big. All going at it for bragging rights I reckon.

The Peugeot's seem to have the measure of the Toyota's. The Hilux boys are getting the odd stage win but just can quite keep it together.

I notice the Peugeot with their 37" tyres that it is quite an open pattern, more like a mud terrain, as opposed to the 4WD vehicles which is more an AT pattern. Don't know why, just stating my observation.
Another nice spot Gnylmarung.

Would be nice if you forgot to bring the MANKINI.......

Second thing I pack after the ice maker  ;D

I have picked my camping spot at Gumbanan. Right at the point

Would be nice if you forgot to bring the MANKINI.......
General Discussion / Re: Whats making news in 2018 edition
« Last post by Bird on Today at 01:01:28 PM »
As I see it, speed cameras pay for pollys entitlements, even the ones they aren't entitled to and never have to pay back...
police driving around being seen doesn't..
General Discussion / Whats making news in 2018 edition
« Last post by Pete79 on Today at 12:07:48 PM »
(Not having a go at Police officers themselves) but what we have here in Qld is a very poor Police presence on the roads and it's been that way for ages....time and time again I can drive 200klms to relos place at Gympie and not see a Police vehicle or speed camera other then the fixed units that everyone knows the location of (though the past year there is usually one mobile trailer unit somewhere also that is easily seen). I just drove Brisbane to the Goldy and back again a few hours ago, not a single Police car or bike to be seen, and other then the 2 fixed cameras on the bridges on the run home there was only the usual one trailer camera on the South run.....there is no presence to do anything.
Just did a quick trip over to Perth for work and gotta say the quick trip from the Sunny Coast to Brissy airport and back was a perfect example of this bad joke.

Caloundra exit to Brisbane airport exit, hitting the highway on Tuesday morning at 7am.
Grand total of 0 (zero) police cars (marked or unmarked).
1 point to point camera and 2 camera trailers setup in the roadworks zones.

Brisbane airport exit to Caloundra exit, getting out of the airport car park just before 1am this morning.
Total police cars 9 (yes nine highly visible cars on the same highway at 1am on Wednesday night).
1 mobile marked speed camera, 2 camera trailers, 1 point to point camera and 1 fixed camera.

On a side note, looks like we’re in for another life saving speed camera on the North bound highway about a km or 2 past the current fixed one.
They had shut down 2 lanes of the highway, had cars parked in an interesting configuration on the closed lanes.
Then a camera set up on the side of the road and coppers walking around with surveying type equipment.

I’m assuming they’re looking to setup a camera to catch oncoming vehicles as round the corner and speeding up again after slowing for the fixed camera.
Yes its a stunning place and looking forward to heading there.

Must remember my snorkel and goggles and MANKINI ;D

General Discussion / Re: Whats making news in 2018 edition
« Last post by macca on Today at 11:47:43 AM »
If I was this kids mother, I'd happily wait for these parasites to get out of the cop shop and stomp on their heads - give them the sentence they deserve... cause all that'll happen to them is they'll get a "STERN" talking to and let go... to do it all again

Couldn't believe the footage on Tele last night...  I mean it is Moe, where many mothers and fathers are brother and sister...
If it was one of my girls that was the victim those parasites wouldn't be breathing by now

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