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We did this years ago & never looked back ;D

Did your unit come with a 4 way valve / conversion valve, to have both hot & cold water connected to it ???

Got to go out in a minute so no time to take photo's but I'll talk to you again this arvo.
General Discussion / Re: reducing heat inside camper trailer
« Last post by austastar on Today at 09:13:24 AM »
    Can't "Abdul" a tent with a fixed floor unfortunately.

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General Discussion / Re: Outbac Air Compressor...Any Good
« Last post by Bird on Today at 09:03:54 AM »
Quote from: xcvator
Just looking at these to top up tyres on the van and Suzi. And also airbag helpers, Are they any good for the price ?
Chow Job

a lot of the cheap chinese compressors used to have plastic pistons (as I found out :( )- no idea what they have these days.

You'll get 100000s of suggestions and opinions on compressors. Most come out of the same factories though.

I wanted something to use more than occasionally, so I got one of the Ironman pro air.. regularly does 2 cars as someone usually forgets theirs on club trips without complaining.

but you'd easily get away with the lower model.
General Discussion / Plumbing in a solar hot water system , please help .
« Last post by duggie on Today at 08:41:43 AM »
G'day swaggers , I could use some help with some plumbing I need to do .

I have bought and fitted a rooftop Evacuated Glass Tube Solar Hot Water Kit and I am now about to plumb this system into my house plumbing .

I would love to be able to plumb the rooftop system ( RTSS ) into my existing 200ltr Electric Hot Water system and use the  Electric Hot Water system ( EHWS ) as the supply to the house .

I have a few ideas of how this may work but I am not sure if either will work without causing problems .

One way I think that may work is if I leave the cold in B1 and the hot out A1 as it stands at the EHWS and plumb a line from the second inlet B2 of the EHWS to the outlet C2 of the RTSS

And run another line form the second outlet A2 of the EHWS to the inlet C1 of the RTSS .

This would allow the full system to be topped up with cold water and mixing with the hot water from the RTSS when hot water is been used for showers and the like .

I am going to plumb in a solar powered pump  into the line going from  A2 of the EHWS to the inlet C1 of the RTSS , this would allow the hot water to circulate during the daylight hours and keep the EHWS full of hot water .

I have another idea but it requires more plumbing and several non return valves and presser reducers .

I have no problem with doing this , but is there a simple way or better way to do this , I would be grateful of your help . ?

General Discussion / Re: "Daily Rant" thread 2019
« Last post by Bird on Today at 08:39:15 AM »
Quote from: Steffo1
Another Lifesaving Device!
Its all about saving lives... You know that.
General Discussion / Re: What made you smile today - 2018
« Last post by Bird on Today at 08:32:40 AM »
Drove past this occurring on Friday on this very same road. I asked the wife why she thought they were doing this as the road looked fine to me. Was stinking hot though at 34C  ::)

How do they think roads out our way and beyond have survived over the years with 40C+ temps
like this
Helping the next-door neighbour drop half a dozen Umbrella Trees along the fence.

Next job is chop 'em into short lengths to go to the dump.
General Discussion / Re: "Daily Rant" thread 2019
« Last post by Steffo1 on Today at 08:31:49 AM »
Another Lifesaving Device!
General Discussion / Re: reducing heat inside camper trailer
« Last post by BC66 on Today at 08:30:23 AM »
We have 2 x Coleman 12 v dc or internal battery powered fan in our Jayco Hawk. They made our recent camping trip in 32 c weather bearable

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