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General Discussion / Re: The Random Question of the Day Thread...
« Last post by speewa158 on Today at 01:11:53 AM »
Why does Latina 'Fresh' Roast Chicken and Garlic ravioli have a real prawn flavour to it?
Tastes nothing like chicken.....?

Should learn how to make my own I think.

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Looks as though your flat out opening the packet  , don't complicate the  recipe  :cheers:
General Discussion / Re: What made you smile today - 2018
« Last post by speewa158 on Today at 01:07:06 AM »
Geeezzzzz if it not " Boat People " its Pod People                  :-[                 :cheers:
General Discussion / Re: Funny Photos 2018 edition
« Last post by speewa158 on Today at 12:59:01 AM »
4 monkeys,,,,,,,,,,,, & 1 is Ugly          :cheers:
General Discussion / Re: darwin wet season
« Last post by SEADOO on Yesterday at 09:49:32 PM »
We lived in Darwin for two years. Camping between October and March, no fkn way.

It's off peak up there as all the southerners fk off back down south and most parks are empty. I'd look at renting a cheap cabin or van with AC.

Just stay away from the Palmerston bus exchange. Not a safe place. The local wild life like to harass reflective people.
General Discussion / Re: Whats making news in 2018 edition
« Last post by edz on Yesterday at 09:23:19 PM »
Im not surprised ..  could be  just .
Big company, High on the list is cut running / staffing costs, maximise profits pounded into all departments by the head Honcho's .. leads to   Complacency, not my job syndrome, low morale, lack of responce to get lax procedures / things fixed, under staffing / burn out /  turnover,  lack of experience and the usualy unacceptable becomes the new normal way things are done for those that stay or just start  with the train wreck waiting to happen ..
Our experience :
Years ago after seeing the way some of the support columns of the big roller coaster out the front were moving several inches sideways in the ground  base as a ride went through a turn..
The columns had  cracked been welded and the tracks  flexed  enough to jam the carriage roller wheels in the turns  [ Mind you after we had just ridden the thing ] ..
The staff at the time shrugged and said its safe and has been checked, its normal ..They didnt want to know about it .
 Weve never been back .
General Discussion / Re: Soldering Deutsch connectors
« Last post by mike.c on Yesterday at 09:05:29 PM »
I've soldered them, it was no worries as long as I went easy on the amount of solder. Too much buildup and the little pins were hard to push into the housing.
General Discussion / Re: darwin wet season
« Last post by rockrat on Yesterday at 08:16:15 PM »
I don’t know about Darwin, but I’m sure humidity is the same as elsewhere like farNQ and if it’s damp or left outside it will go black with mildew

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Having lived in both the NT (Gove) and FNQ (Townsville), I can tell you Darwin is next level when it comes to humidity, particularly during the buildup. And when the rain does come, it flogs down for hours and sometimes days on end. Everything, including you, will grow mouldy pretty quickly. And whilst the cyclones are also a worry, you always have plenty of notice to take action and prepare for the worst (ie fill the generator with fuel and fridge with beer).

On a more positive note, between May and September, the weather is almost perfect. Warm, sunny and skimpy-clothed backpackers everywhere. :cup:
General Discussion / Re: darwin wet season
« Last post by kieran.hart on Yesterday at 08:13:56 PM »
thanks guys much appreciated.
It definitely helped im not going to stay in my camper now. The main reason im going up is because I love my fishing and there's a lot of work up there and its not cold  ;D  looks like I will just have to wait till the dry to do my camping  :D
I lived in Karratha and got used of the heat but like you have been saying its more the humidity that's makes its unpleasant so going from cold old Albany may be a shock to the system again aha
General Discussion / Re: Storm watch Brisbane
« Last post by Rumpig on Yesterday at 07:59:14 PM »
Hang your dirty clothes out to be washed .. Looks like your about to get a bit of wet weather tonight .
Weatherzone forum were saying it'll likely die coming off the range, time will tell I guess.
General Discussion / Re: darwin wet season
« Last post by McGirr on Yesterday at 07:57:42 PM »
You will find it hot and muggy. The storms are starting to appear along with the winds. Try and find a house ASAP.

Lived in the NT for the last 2 years. Just left Darwin today heading to Gunbalanya.

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