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General Discussion / Re: Off road van or hybrid
« Last post by trinityalyce on Today at 03:48:11 PM »
All this talk of off-road vans vs hybrids seems to ring a bell... 🤔

Probably because that was us probably 9+ months ago! 😂 There's even a thread I started on here that had some awesome suggestions from a lot of members... Probably could find it if you did a search.

Anyway. Long story short we went with an Ultimate. You CAN pick one up second hand in the price range the OP is talking, but that'll be an older one. Despite the company's recent struggles (don't buy new... at least just yet - fingers crossed they get themselves out of the pickle they're in!) they are a quality Aussie made product. Just ask any Ulti owner and they'll sing it's praises just like we do.

Everyone has different priorities but it worked out to be the best option for us for these reasons:

- We didn't need an indoor shower/toilet. Plus, there's a toilet locker and a hot/cold outdoor shower outlet on the camper so we just throw up an ensuite tent and we're set wherever!
- We needed indoor space to protect us from the sun/flies/rain/whatever depending on the time/season/location. It has a good-sized U-shaped couch and indoor kitchen. Yes, I cook inside. But we also carry a table and our old camp stove so I can still cook outside should I so choose (and have the fire pit that I also cook on).
- We wanted a "normal" sized bed. We're both short, but even so we didn't want one of those tiny little caravan beds you often see. The Ulti has a massive king-size bed, and with a cheap topper it is damn comfortable, too.
- Initially we didn't want a lot of canvas... but we decided it was moreso that we didn't want a difficult or time-consuming set-up, and canvas was OK as long as it kept out the weather (which it does). We can be completely set up with a cold drink in hand in under 15 minutes.
- Most important? IT HAD TO BE LIGHT AND TRULY OFF-ROAD. We weren't done with remote travel and rough or sandy tracks. We didn't want some heavy boat-anchor dragging behind us stopping us getting to certain spots. No issues there with the Ulti. And at a little over a tonne fully loaded the Jimny could nearly tow it. 🤣 Jokes aside, it is a safe and sensible option for a lot of lighter vehicles that don't have the huge towing capacity that is often required for spec'd out off-road vans that are notoriously heavy. Even with the Patrol we don't use as much fuel, don't need to worry about it overheating, etc. - all of which could have been an issue with a full-sized off-road van.

The moral of my not-so-little story? Figure out your priorities. Go and look at a LOT of options. Discuss your priorities some more... then look at everything again. The first time we looked at an Ultimate we both laughed and said "never". Heck, we called it an ugly upside-down boat! But we LOVE our camper and it suits us perfectly. We're so glad we didn't go down the path of getting a huge, heavy caravan or cross-over thing. What we have suits us perfectly. But there are different options out there because we are all different. Find what works for you.
General Discussion / Re: Mechanic in Mackay QLD - recommendations?
« Last post by trinityalyce on Today at 03:23:49 PM »
Thanks for the suggestions! Hopefully one of these two can fit it in for us.

Now fingers crossed the potential rig is up to scratch when it's checked out and worth the effort of us going up to get it...
General Discussion / Re: Whats making news in 2018 edition
« Last post by Troopy_03 on Today at 03:12:16 PM »
We used to get the odd tiger down here....... till the whites ate them....  ;D
General Discussion / Re: Whats making news in 2018 edition
« Last post by Pete79 on Today at 03:09:47 PM »
All you yak fishermen should be aware, the tiger sharks have big appetites up here...

A fisherman on a kayak has been attacked by a shark off a beach on the Sunshine Coast.

The man was about one-and-a-half kilometres from the coast off Moffat Beach when the shark pierced the inflatable kayak.

 "He was having a paddle out to sea, and fishing, and yeah unfortunately out of the blue a shark has just attacked his kayak and latched onto it, throwing him out," one of the rescuers, lifesaver Jacob Thomson said.

"The shark still had its jaw on his kayak, which was upside down. But he's managed to flip it and at some point the shark has let go. But it was starting to sink, there was only small pocket of air holding it afloat. The shark continued to circle him for some time until we got there."

Local authorities have reported that an estimated 4.5-metre tiger shark was responsible for the attack.
General Discussion / Re: Show us ya real bike!
« Last post by rnrphantom on Today at 02:56:54 PM »
Still are great bikes mate.
Spent Melbourne Cup weekend camped at Broadford for the Southern Classic. Lots of Triumphs racing, especially in the sidecars. I have a mate that races a sidecar, so does his father and 2 brothers. 4 of the same family racing pre-unit Triumphs.
Dave, the Ford Courier ute is getting his roadie tomorrow and is good to go to a new home.

Since doing the dodgy head gasket, caused by a partially blocked radiator, the ute runs nice and coooool.
On a 30 degree day, it sits nice on a quarter of the gauge.
Gatton Radiators had a look at the radiator and said it was in too good a condition to replace, so they did a high pressure flush and test.

He reckoned, it had a big dump of crap and was good after that.

Its funny ya know, people will hold off on doing something until it causes another drama..... dickheads.
Camper Trailer Classifieds / 2015 Lifesyle Reconn
« Last post by Lonelycruiser on Today at 02:13:08 PM »
For Sale
Lifestyle Reconn 2015 build. Very capable and well built offroad Hyper Camper.
Located in Perth
Contact Mick 0459069687

Purchased brand new one owner with many upgrades.

Extended draw bar, cruisemaster suspension, off road tyres, 2 x spare tyres, DO35 hitch.

Internal onsuite with shower and toilet, internal wash basin, extra internal drawer storage, gas hot water system, 2 x gas bottles

External kitchen with huge kitchen storage space, 2 burner stove top, hot cold water to basin.60 liter dual zone engel fridge built in satelite tv and decoder. Tve antenna mount Led lights

Electrical include CTEK smart charger system, 360w solar panels, 2 x 120Ahr AGM batteries, 240v battery Charger and 130w invertor with remote control panels, external solar panel conections

Huge storage boot, 2 x 90 litre water tanks, mains pressure attachments.

Bag awning with walls becomes full annex with front shade awning.

Many other small mods to make this camper user friendly and camping a pleasure.

this camper tows very well on road and off road, this would suit a buyer looking to tow in remote areas. These camper has been garaged since purchased

Regretable sale and selling due to a health issue.
General Discussion / Re: 'Daily Rant Thread' 2018
« Last post by Bigfish on Today at 12:34:09 PM »
So some grub here in Melbourne pleads guilty in court of three counts of rape and one of aggravated assault,  so then some other grubs (the prosecutors) dont bother contesting his bail and yet another grub (the judge) lets him back out on bail (he bloody pleaded guilty), so grub number one goes and stalks his victims and posts their addresses on social media, as Bird would say this world is f#####. Grub number one should be stood up against a wall and shot, grubs two and three should get ten years inside
Rant over

Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk

This where public protests could help.   Lets urge all responsible rapists, murderers, burglars, car jackers, muggers etc.  to please only target judges, do-gooders, civil libertarians, parole boards and lawyers.  If this was to occur the sudden change in jail sentencing and non parole would be dramatic to say the least. While Jo average is copping all the Shit the aforementions know-alls dont give a Shit!!!
General Discussion / Re: Dialysis and camping
« Last post by JamesMac on Today at 12:29:01 PM »
One of my relatives lived in a caravan for years on the overnight dialysis setup. He had all the kit in his van to run it himself. The only thing was that he needed 240v power to the van to run it.
If this is equivalent to your mate's situation I can chase up some more of the details (Sorry, I'm a bit ignorant on the different dialysis requirements)
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