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General Discussion / Re: 'Daily Rant Thread' 2018
« Last post by Bigfish on Today at 08:29:13 AM »
I started the test but was very cynical about it.  I think the older you get the more cycnical you bacome after having to put up with a lot of Shit over the years.  It just keeps getting worse..... :angel:
General Discussion / Re: Swap and go
« Last post by stephenh1235 on Today at 08:11:36 AM »
Exmouth 8.5 Kg swap and go = $44 !!!!!!
General Discussion / Re: What made you smile today - 2018
« Last post by Hookie on Today at 08:00:43 AM »
This gave me a chuckle.
General Discussion / Re: MySWAGGER Spotted thread!
« Last post by Spada on Today at 07:34:36 AM »
so whens the next myswag get together so we can all do show and tell  ;D
Still deciding on either Bungonia National Park or Cudegeon Water Park at Rylstone for the long weekend.

Finalised and going to Cudgegong Waters Park.
General Discussion / Re: NRL 2018
« Last post by grmas1 on Today at 07:15:58 AM »
how sweeeeeeeeeeeet

Full time: Sydney Roosters 12 South Sydney Rabbitohs 4

Tough to watch as a Souths Supporter to lose to the Roosters, only thing worse would be if it was in a GF.
Vehicle Classifieds / Mitsubishi Verada, 2001 model. $1,950
« Last post by Jeepers Creepers on Today at 06:42:51 AM »
Hey, this is a cheapie, but not a bad car though either, for the money... CALL ME.... Kev 0411 545 025

These 2001 Verada's came with a 3.5 litre V6 engine and this one has the 4 speed Auto.
Its the "upmarket" XI variant, so has the full leather trim, sunroof and all the fruit.... electric everything.

It does have 298,000 on the clock, but drives really good.
The auto shifts nice, the cruise control works well, I gunned it yesterday to overtake a caravan and it's got plenty of get up and go.
It was originally a reps car for with a lady driver, so that usually means they are serviced on the dot each time.
Its got all the books and stuff with it and it appears its been well maintained. (Except for the paint)

I drove the car yesterday for 100klm to bring it home and its a nice old thing to drive.

As you would expect for a car from the early 2000's, the paint on the "boot, roof and bonnet" is in poor condition with the clear coat shot to hell.
Its a metallic gold colour, would be my description.
It comes with a current, genuine RWC, rego until 16th of May 2019 and would make a great first car for a p plater or just a good second for work/shopping/leaving at the train station etc. The rego on its own would be $700 worth.  :o

I'll have photos to go up in a day or two, as I want to wash it first and see if I can improve the "boot/roof/bonnet" areas.

This is a link to the reports and reviews....
Heading to Chinchilla for a cousins wedding. I don't normally go out of my way to attend weddings, but I do like catching up with the family ever decade or so and it's a part of the country I've never been to.
Will be leaving Coffs for Meandarra, then staying there for a few days before Chinchilla. Travelling with my nomad parents so I've left picking rest stops and campgrounds to them. It'll be the longest and furthest trip we've ever done in our swan (or any camper) so we're pretty pumped.
General Discussion / Re: What made you smile today - 2018
« Last post by Jeepers Creepers on Today at 05:39:46 AM »
Geez Louise, what a week..... i'm stuffed.

Lets see, I done about a trillion trips between Tin Can and the Lockyer Valley.

The day before I was to begin bringing out all the crap IE paints, fuels, workshop supplies etc, the faithful old panel van called it quits. When it sat overnight, it was dripping a small amount of coolant into the cylinder. They are shockers for corroding the alloy head.

An $82.00 bottle of risilone head gasket repair and I pulled off 6 or 7 trips with the van loaded and a packed box trailer behind. (that made me smile)

We had dinner on Tuesday night with friends before the shift.  :D
We moved house successfully and now live on 12 acres with a kick-arse shed/sheds.  :D
The removalist quoted me $1,920 and the bill came to $1,600. :D
Man o man, I have never two guys move stuff so fast and with such care..... they were a credit to their industry.
John's Furniture Removals..... Sunshine Coast. John Wust is the guy to talk to. John and I do go back a few years, but he really looked after us.
The house out here is tired after 8 years of being a rental, but its very livable and something we can work on over time. :D
The local pub does a wicked meal for $18.00  :D
Its so friggin quiet out here.... I love it. Being 70 metres back from the road, if a car goes by, you don't really notice it. (we had 6 go past on Friday)  :D
My 95 year old Mum went arse over tit and busted her shoulder up a bit.  :'(
But, late today, she under goes a shoulder reconstruction surgery..... her words, "what have I got to lose" That made me smile.  :D
I bought another car yesterday, a 2001 model Mitsubishi Verada, so that will be up for sale again later in the week.
Sitting here typing, watching the sun poke its head up, I think i'm gunna enjoy living out here.
Probably, the best bit, is we are bringing the Caddy home tomorrow. She's still in Tin Can feeling a bit lonely.

General Discussion / Re: Swap and go
« Last post by #jonesy on Today at 05:13:50 AM »
I had a look at to a few of mine and one as manufactured had tested Dec 89. Other side of the bottle was stamped 1-90. Can't see why it would be tested a month later.
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