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General Discussion / Re: An interesting read
« Last post by Bird on Today at 02:50:38 PM »
Nutha interesting article on Country Shows.

personally I love these shows... events like the wood chopping, chainsaw and animal judging..
Just watched a recorded show on Foxtel, Dangerous Roads, in Nepal, scary Shit, flooded rivers, landslides, mud and crazy bloody truck, bus, motorbike and car drivers.
General Discussion / Re: Facebook Group, I Got Bogged at Inskip Point
« Last post by Pottsy on Today at 02:34:30 PM »
they are cousins 40 billion years apart
Not sure we are on the same page Bird, I meant the TV show about 4 or 5 Indigenous blokes in the Aussie outback and running repairs to springs, brake cylinders, fuel systems etc.
I also GET your comment!
 >:( ;D
General Discussion / Re: My Melting Ice Cream
« Last post by Bird on Today at 02:27:44 PM »
dont buy black and gold tight arse icecreams :P
General Discussion / Re: Requesting advice - Soft floor CT
« Last post by Pottsy on Today at 02:27:05 PM »
We, like desert lover have a challenge Meredien offroad soft floor camper trailer with a 12 ft tent and a fully enclosed annexe area of 18ft X 7ft if required. Due to the wife's Parkinsons we went for something which offered plenty of space because of mobility issues.
We are able to set up a stretcher bed, storage boxes and the portable toilet in the tent area and have a living area and kitchen space in the annexe.
Overnighters only require a quick set up of the tent, 5 days or more and we tend to set the complete annexe.
For us less is more,
Good luck in your hunt.
General Discussion / My Melting Ice Cream
« Last post by xcvator on Today at 02:17:45 PM »
Why does my ice cream go soft in the "Bushman " fridge ? Every thing else freezes solid and stays solid, but not ice cream  :'( If I take it out of the car fridge and put it into the dinky little freezer in the hard sided camper fridge it goes hard again ( the ice cream I mean )
I've tried mixing viagra in it and cement pills, but they don't seem to work either, so how do you keep your ice cream hard when your camping  ???
We are look at the logistics of this as we are doing a lap in the centre and will be going right past Rawnsley Park.

We have stayed there before and found it to be good place.
General Discussion / Re: Dakar Rally
« Last post by VKPrado on Today at 01:56:20 PM »
It is great to see the cars are still trying even if the gaps are quite big. All going at it for bragging rights I reckon.

The Peugeot's seem to have the measure of the Toyota's. The Hilux boys are getting the odd stage win but just can quite keep it together.

I notice the Peugeot with their 37" tyres that it is quite an open pattern, more like a mud terrain, as opposed to the 4WD vehicles which is more an AT pattern. Don't know why, just stating my observation.
Another nice spot Gnylmarung.

Would be nice if you forgot to bring the MANKINI.......

Second thing I pack after the ice maker  ;D

I have picked my camping spot at Gumbanan. Right at the point

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