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General Discussion / Re: Elmore Feild Days 3,4 &5 October
« Last post by SJindustries on Today at 12:29:04 PM »
lm in for Tuesday as everybody will be fresh & keen  .  :cheers: Get there early , hit the completions & displays of interest the scoot  .              :cheers:
I'll make sure I go Wednesday  ;D
Quote from: Wukkers
Seems there are a few Australian cricketers who have pay packets much larger than their hearts.
Get some lead in your pencils boys.

yea, struggling to run with pockets full of 100's.
General Discussion / Re: AFL Season 2017
« Last post by Bird on Today at 12:16:12 PM »
Quote from: The Guru
Sadly the AFL wont have the balls to suspend cochin (as much of a snipe as selwood is a diver) even though hes on 2 strikes...

They are always saying the head is a no go zone, and the opponent was gone for the last 3 and a 1/2 quarters

... and I was right. The head is once again a free for all
General Discussion / Re: Facebook Group, I Got Bogged at Inskip Point
« Last post by Rumpig on Today at 11:35:03 AM »
I returned from Fraser on the Weekend and I was looking at this Facebook page very carefully before I left. Seeing I was towing the Camper I was adamant I wouldn’t end up on the page as my mates would never stop laughing at me so I put my tyres down to 14PSI and made it a piece of cake. That’s also having to drive around 2 bogged 4WD’s at the beginning on the track.

On a side note Nagala rocks is currently passable on the beach at dead low tide which caught a lot of people out coming home when they had to use the bypass track. Let’s just say it was like a car park and again didn’t want to get stuck myself, so put the tyres down to 12 PSI and got over first time.
Ngkala was like that a few months ago also, we got there about 2 hours after low on the run back from Sandy Cape and went over the rocks as the water was up to much then (saw a few try and dodge the waves but got a salt water bath)
Introductions / Re: Hi from Rockhampton
« Last post by Robophil on Today at 11:06:41 AM »
So had camper a couple of weeks now and we're very happy with it, although a few little mods are being made. Got it set up at home trying to figure out how much of this extra canvas and poles I actually want to take on trips with us (annexe walls and floors etc.). Think i will need to invest in some decent tent pegs too.

Fitted a redarc BCDC1240D as it only had a charging wire fitted from batteries to draw bar to connect to car via Anderson plug. Our tow rig has a temp sensing alternator that drops volts to about 13.6 so batteries would never be getting fully charged. Ordered one of those 200watt solar mats too so that will plug straight into the redarc when we are at camp. Camper has a 240v battery charger in it as standard also.

Currently also playing with the portable gas hot water shower system. Making up hoses so can plug directly into fittings at back of trailer for water. Got the gas hose with bayonet fitting sorted from barbecues galore.

Got a month long trip planned from the end of October so trying to get everything sorted and fit in a quick practice trip somewhere local for a couple of nights too. See how we go.


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Introductions / Re: Hi from Rockhampton
« Last post by Robophil on Today at 10:44:06 AM »
Welcome to Myswag Mate - we're just out at Gracemere   ;D
Thanks we're in Cawarral.

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General Discussion / Re: Advice needed
« Last post by Bird on Today at 10:33:22 AM »
Quote from: austastar
I think insurance won't cover it.
They usually require an ' event ' to trigger the claim process.
Did you have a storm that caused the damage?
yea then it'll be an act of god...  :(
General Discussion / Re: What's making news today? 2017 Edition
« Last post by Pete79 on Today at 10:33:11 AM »
Hopefully this will have a Domino effect.

They didn't make it exceptionally hard to get a Taxi Licence. 
It was just that they set some standards for both conduct and cleanliness as well as accountability.
And there were still people who wanted to do things their own way and not follow the rules.
No wonder the Taxi Industry was extremely poorly regarded.
And along comes UBER and wants to rewrite the rules.
Luckily the City Fathers in London have woken up.
Wonder how long it will take the rest of the World.

Obviously there are some changes needed regarding screening drivers and reporting complaints to authorities, but the service they offer is long over due and the industry only has it's self to blame that Uber even exists.

Uber vehicles are clean and actually roadworthy, their drivers are friendly, polite and want to offer you a good service. Some Uber drivers in the city offer you a mint and/or bottle of water when you hop in, and most will offer to charge your mobile phone as well.
Pity non of that can be said for the vast majority of Australian taxis..... :(

I personally can't remember the last time I sat in a Taxi where the driver didn't completely ignore me and spend the whole trip with the his earphone in one ear talking on his phone to someone else in a language other then English.

Just make taxis and Uber pay equally for licences, give them both equal access to all pick up points and let the market sort it out....
There'll be a whole bunch of old busted Fords getting sold really cheap.... ;)
General Discussion / Re: Advice needed
« Last post by austastar on Today at 10:29:55 AM »
   I think insurance won't cover it. They usually require an ' event ' to trigger the claim process.
Did you have a storm that caused the damage?

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