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General Classifieds / Fiamma Caravan awning 3.5m
« Last post by Jayson on Today at 08:27:42 PM »
Fiamma 3.5m F45S Awning (Delux Grey) in excellent condition was only removed from caravan due to upgrading to a larger size only 12 months old.

The worlds most popular box awning is now even better. The new updated version of the F45 has a more compact design with low profile metal end caps (previously plastic) that house a redesigned crank system which is both more durable and smoother to operate. The lead bar now includes 2 tracks which allows for mutliple uses such as installing and privacy screen, LED lights or awning hangers. The new design also incorporates guides built into the arms to allow the hiding of LED lighting cabling


The F45 S Awning is easy to use and simple to install on the wall of a Camper Trailer, Motorhhome, Caravan, Pop Top of Horse Float. When not in use, the F45 S takes up little space while snuggly enclosed in its extra strong extruded aluminium polar white case. The fabric is UV resistant, waterproof and washable with a modern pattern design which will match nicely with any caravan.


The awning includes re-inforced arms with twin cable, duel shock absorbers and a folding crank handle. Also supplied are wall brackets for legs and hooks to secure legs to the ground with fitting brackets to suit a flat surface and full fitting instructions.



Easy and safe to operate Silent when opening/closing and while travelling Easy to hook winch loop Maximum shadow surface Auto lock feature


Case Colour: Polar WhiteFabric Colour: Deluxe Grey (grey/charcoal/white with wave pattern)Case length: 3480mmCase Height: 136mmCase Thickness: 85mmFabric Length: 3310mmAwning Extension: 2500mmWeight: 25kg

Installation Notes:

Please note this kit comes with 2 of the 3  Standard Bracket Kit which allows the awning to be attached to a flat vertical face on a Caravan / Pop Top / Motorhome / Camper Trailer.
General Discussion / Re: My 2018 entry for the Variety Bash NSW
« Last post by MarkGU on Today at 07:51:19 PM »

General Discussion / Re: My 2018 entry for the Variety Bash NSW
« Last post by MarkGU on Today at 07:44:22 PM »
More pics from the Wolseley 24/80 build up.  :cup:

General Discussion / Re: What made you smile today - 2017
« Last post by Camping Grant on Today at 07:42:39 PM »
What made me smile....watching my two boys play baseball well together for the first time on the same team!!!!! :cup:
General Discussion / Re: Storage box security
« Last post by glenm64 on Today at 07:40:18 PM »
I have  2 on my trayback if I dont take the canopy. I bolt them to the tray with a plate on each bolt so you cant pull the bolt head through. I also changed the latches to locking ones doing away with padlocks.

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General Discussion / Re: Storage box security
« Last post by Greeny on Today at 07:35:15 PM »
I had a spacecase bolted to the tray of a ute I had, only had it secured with a small padlock for a couple years without an issue then someone took a screwdriver to it (lucky it was empty at the time). I then replaced the broken buckle with a "croc lock" and a decent padlock and never had an issue again.

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General Discussion / Re: The NRL ( thugby )Thread
« Last post by oldmate on Today at 07:31:47 PM »
........ other meaningful threads ....... the rant thread, geez thats stretching it a bit ?

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General Discussion / Re: 'Daily Rant Thread'
« Last post by Rumpig on Today at 06:59:25 PM »
pfttt we camp all year up here.. what is this winter thing you talk about?
i think it was the other day when i whacked my socks on before my double pluggers as i went to work....normally I put my shoes and socks on as I get to the jobsite...still had shorts and t shirt  on though 8)
General Discussion / Re: The NRL ( thugby )Thread
« Last post by Rumpig on Today at 06:56:16 PM »
Better tell that to the people that do like/follow it   ??? they obviously don't know  ::)
maybe like me they don't care  ;)
General Discussion / Re: Storage box security
« Last post by Rumpig on Today at 06:51:40 PM »
My spacecase is attached to the trailer via 4 short chains and turnbuckles instead of ratchet straps....a mate used ratchet straps on his same camper and it ended up cracking welds on his front box, i reckon it was due to the straps stretching a touch allowing the box to move as he drove along. Never had anything taken from the box which just has one padlock on the lid, but it's only camp chairs a small cheap ladder and the levelling ramp kept in it.
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