Author Topic: NEW! Outdoor Connection Tanbar XL Canvas Air Tent  (Read 7042 times)

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NEW! Outdoor Connection Tanbar XL Canvas Air Tent
« on: August 05, 2020, 03:28:11 PM »
Hi Swaggers,

This week we received in our first shipment of the brand new, exciting Outdoor Connection Tanbar XL Air Pole Canvas Tents.  These tents carry on the success we've seen with the Outdoor Connection Tanbar Tent, but bigger to suit families & those who need some more space but want the canvas durability.

This tent uses 220gsm canvas and weighs in at 35.2kgs - so its no small tent!  Packed, it measures 82x47.5x47.5cm so will fit in most car boots.

For those of you who do not know Outdoor Connection - they're an Australian owned & operated business based out of Brisbane Queensland Australia. So when they design tents, they do so with Queensland tropical heat in mind but with how cold it can get in the desert too. Their product designers are very experienced, and passionate campers & you can see this throughout their product range.

This is why you see so many ventilation options on their tents. They know that ventilation is the key to avoiding condensation, and in order to ventilate in heavy rain - you need lots of options to accommodate the weather conditions.  Similarly, all these options are able to be closed (never do this - or you'll get wet from condensation!). 

To learn more about this tent head here:

Keen to hear what you think!
Happy Camping! 

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