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It's that time again Folks!

Deciding the National Meet Venue is one of the many obstacles of having a Forum which has Members dotted all over our great continent.  It is however our intention that over the coming years everyone will have a very real chance at getting to a National Meet at some point. 

Ideally the 2019 National Meet will be in either WA, NT, ACT or TAS (as QLD, NSW, SA & VIC have had a go) however, as previously stipulated, a venue is not to be nominated unless at least three Myswag Members in reasonably close proximity to the nominated venue are happy to put their hand up and assist with organisation.

Exact dates will be determined once the location is decided. School holidays and best season to visit in will be taken into consideration.

The rules for nominating a prospective venue for the 2019 National Meet are as follows:
1.     Don't nominate it unless you and at least two other Myswag Members are 
        happy to assume responsibility for organising a Meet there.
2.     Please don't nominate a location, please nominate a venue. For example, instead of   
        nominating "Grafton area", nominate "Nymboida Canoe Centre, Nymboida".
3.     Nominate a time of your ie Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring (when will your Venue be most enjoyable).
4.     The venue must meet the following criteria:
     *Capacity to cope with at least 150 people (or more if the Venue is a central location) 
     *Ample ablution facilities
     *Both powered and unpowered sites
     *Both bush camping and site camping availability
     *Permit camp fires
     *Have a central area for communal gathering

When nominating a Venue, make sure you do your research and then please copy and paste the following template as a reply to this thread and complete the fields:

Organisers (provide Forum Names):
Time of year:
Venue Name:
Location (including nearest town & state):
Maximum Capacity (give figure as either number of CT's or number of people):
Number of showers available (ie 10 Male & 12 Female etc):
Number of toilets available:
Number of powered and unpowered sites:
What bush camping is available:
What campfires do they permit (ie only in fire pits, only above ground etc):
Do they allow pets (if so, are there any restrictions):
Describe their communal gathering area:
Other miscellaneous information you know about this Venue:
Why do you think this Venue would be the good for the 2019 National Meet:

As Venue nominations are received - it will be determined whether or not they infact meet the criteria.  If they do, they will be added to the list of options.  If they don't, they won't. 

The cut off date for Venue Nominations is 31st July 2017.  We'd like to give people plenty of time to save and plan their trip and therefore have a red hot chance of attending a National Meet.

This is not a discussion thread, only reply to this thread with your prospective 2019 National Meet Venue.  Use THIS thread for General Discussion regarding the 2019 National Meet.

If you have any questions, please PM me...
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Organisers: JCOJ, smartyingreen, and db
Time of Year: Easter 2019: Friday 19th - Monday 22nd April, 2019
Venue Name: Rawnsley Park Station - Flinders Ranges SA (approx 5hrs north from Adelaide and 35km north from Hawker / 463km from Broken Hill)
Maximum Capacity: Unlimited
Number of Showers and Toilets Available: 2 amenities block, each with 4 Female Showers/ 4 Toilets & 4 Men’s Showers and 3 Toilets 1 urinal. So a total of 8 showers and 8 Toilets. The bush camping sites also have 2 sets of flush toilets
Number of Powered and Unpowered Sites 52 powered sites and unlimited unpowered / bush camping sites
What Bush Camping Is Available: There is a large open area we can have or alternatively there are also secluded spots for those that want them
What Campfires Do They Permit: Fires are allowed in enclosed fire pits subject to State sanctioned fire ban days
Do They Allow Pets: Pets are allowed as long as they are kept on a leash
Describe Their Communal Gathering Area There is a large camp kitchen and also a bbq area, however we can set up our own marquee if we wish to
Other Misc Information: They have their own shop which includes groceries (inc fresh produce and meat), ice cream, alcohol, and fuel.  There is a swimming pool available for use, and if you don't feel like cooking, the fully licenced Wooldshed Restaurant
Why Would This Venue Be Good: Overlooking the southern side of Wilpena Pound, Rawnsley Park Station provides the perfect base for exploring South Australia's beautiful Flinders Ranges.  There is much to do including exploring the Flinders Ranges National Park, either by a 4wd Self Drive Tour, helicoptor flight, or scenic flight.  There is also bushwalking, mountain biking, easy access to Skytrek, Blinman (including doing the Blinman Mine Tour), Razorback Lookout (the iconic Flinders Ranges photo), Brachina Gorge and more.
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It's that time again Folks!


The cut off date for Venue Nominations is 31st July 2017.  We'd like to give people plenty of time to save and plan their trip and therefore have a red hot chance of attending a National Meet.

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Well Folks - it looks like the 2019 National Meet is going to be held at Rawnsley Park Station in the Flinders Ranges of SA :cup:

A big thank you and kudos to JCOJ, smartyingreen and db for putting their hands up to put together what is sure to be a sensational event!

Book your leave and plan your trips Swaggers so that you can join us for the 5th Biennial National Meet - Friday 19th - Monday 22nd April, 2019 (the Easter Long Weekend)