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***Welcome to - answers to some FAQ's***
« on: August 28, 2015, 03:55:04 PM »
When and why was created?
The Forum was started by Brett (Forum name is "Brett" also) on the 18th of May 2007.  Brett was looking to purchase a CT (Camper Trailer) and was frustrated that there was no where he could "go" to speak with other owners regarding their CT's and what they thought their pros and cons were.  The only thing he could do was speak to each Manufacturer and so was unable to get an unbiased view of each brand.  He took it upon himself to approach some tech savy friends (as he had absolutely no b****y idea what he was doing) and...ta was born. 

How is funded? is privately owned by Brett and he is determined that will remain "ad free" and so Forum costs (aka server fees) are covered by the sale of Merchandise and via the generosity of those Members who choose to donate to the Server Fund.  In recent times we have also had some wonderful Members who have taken it upon themselves to organise raffles in order to raise funds to cover the server fees as well.  These wonderful people make the wonderful place to be that it is  :cup:

How come I can only see a very small portion of the Forum?
The permissions of the various boards have been set so that only Members of can see them.  This is to protect the privacy of our Members as many of them have disclosed details and photos of their cars, camper trailers, sheds etc.  If you would like access to the whole of please a) become a Members of this wonderful Forum or b) log in if you are an existing Member  ;D

How do I purchase Merchandise?
Go to this thread to view our extensive range of available Merchandise --->

How do I donate to the Server Fund?
Become a Server Supporter by making a donation via this PayPal Button.

All donations, great or small, are so very much appreciated  :cheers:

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