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Hay River Road, Birdsville, Big Red etc
« on: July 18, 2014, 12:31:32 PM »
Hi All.
Since the Simpson crossing trip was canceled I have been looking at an alternative that will use up most or all of August 2014.  I understand that for many this will be short notice but Jo and I are hoping that there are some folks that would like to hit the tracks but for one reason or another have not been able to put it all together.

Well this may be what you have been waiting for. If you have the time and have a vehicle that is standing ready to hit the red dirt then what follows is a rough trip schedule.  This can be changed, added to and altered as necessary as input from others make suggestions.  If not then We will be out there and doing it and maybe meeting others along the way.

Suggested Trip

On or about the:
24th July : Depart Sunshine Coast and head North toward the tropic of Capricorn.
27th July : Arrive Jervois and rest up before heading out to the Hay.
30th July : Arrive Poeppel's Cnr and head into Birdsville for a pit stop.
1st - 20th Aug    : From here I intend to follow some or all of the original Simpson crossing as suggested by Jetcrew.
If anyone has ideas or wants to just come along and plan as we go you are most welcome

We will be driving a well prepared 105 R with rooftop tent.

Hope to hear from anyone interested.

Pete and Jo

Dual cab 3 Ltr 04 Lux with roof top tent in the shed
HZJ105R with mods