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vaccuum composite panels
« on: July 17, 2017, 09:21:40 PM »
I am doing a little plug for a product that some of u here would very much like to use on your next build.

Fibreglass composite vaccuum pressed panelling,the outer skin is 2mm gloss white fibreglass,the core is extruded polyurethane and the inside can either be another layer of fibreglass or 2.9mm/3.6mm decorative ply,there is a range of different ply finishes to choose from,the total thickness starts from 31mm and goes up in 5mm increments,the insulation properties are equivalent to r3.5 batts,panel size is up to 3m x 9m,weight is 4kg/sqm,internal structure via meranti framing or aluminium can also be added anywhere in the panel for roof strength and for fixing hatches/windows and doors to on the final fitout,any 12v/240v wiring can also be added to the core aswell.

here is a sample picture of the product,more interest can be discussed via PM but a rough starting sqm price is around $80/sqm,considering this product consists of thermal properties and internal and external finish in 1 product with 4 walls and a roof being erected in less than 1 day it could be very viable for your next build.

At this stage we believe the product is very unique in Perth although we can arrange freight if the need arises.
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