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Re: Private Health Insurance.
« Reply #125 on: February 12, 2019, 10:15:30 PM »
People can heal / recuperate better in a familiar environment.



So  True.
and the longer you stay in an hospital environment, the more chance you have of becoming really sick.

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Re: Private Health Insurance.
« Reply #126 on: February 13, 2019, 09:17:20 AM »
After my accident I've had plenty of experience in both...
After 6 mths inside, and on and off for 40+ ops, I'll take private.. but both have + and - and would vary from site to site. The bigger the hospital/site I'd think the worse it got.. EG: North Sydney hospital V some place in the country....

The food in private is edible. The slop in public, is old mucus from 4 pack a day smokers.

Then there was dad when he went into public as it was supposed to only be for as chest scan....  But nobody ever knew anything.. We were told he was going in for a scan, then out again same day.
3 days later they called asking when we would visit him as he was pissed off we hadnt been - and he also didnt know why he was there. Nobody told us he was there!

Went up there asking what the go was, nobody knew, but they would find out, piss off and never return.

I left notes for Dr to call, nurses to find out why he was actually in there - Nobody knew... Or how long he was in there for... Finally I called the nursing home, who made a call - and had ALL the answers in less than 10 minutes... This was talking to the same people I did.

My first job ever was as a 'wardsman' in Sutho hospital in the 80s, and I saw how busy most wards were as we had to interact with them..

I have nothing but respect for nurses, they have a **** of a job and little reward, Shit pay - for holding dishes for people to spew in, people Shitting the beds, needles, insane amounts of stress and abuse from patients and families.
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Re: Private Health Insurance.
« Reply #127 on: February 13, 2019, 11:04:40 AM »
I guess it shouldn't be private/public hospital bashing but.....
I'm a nurse and I work in a large public hospital and we have patient ratios. When I worked a private hospital, there were no ratios and we had more patients per nurse. My daughter still works at that same hospital, and it's the same. Private nurses also get paid less.
I know if I needed minor surgery, I'm happy to go private but if I needed major durgery, I'd go to the public. There are more resources, and better nurse to patient ratios.
I know everywhere is different, but that's my experience.

Very well said and I've had the same experience. Going Private has been fantastic for things like knee surgery and child birth for my Wife, but for big ticket items like Heart/Cancer the public system were fantastic with my Parents/Grandparents and we couldn't have asked for better care.

A mate was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma a couple of years ago and originally went through the public system for the diagnosis. When diagnosed the hospital pressured him to become a private patient. His Wife is a very strong willed lady wanted a breakdown of the difference between public/private especially with costs. Even with top health insurance they would have been around $15 000 + out of pocket and seeing they had a big mortgage/young kids they had no choice to go public. few small problems, but overall happy.