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Title: information about Razorback Road
Post by: Reverend on July 23, 2019, 07:41:05 PM
Can someone give me some info about the condition of Razorback Road from Running stream to Sofala? A group of us are planning a trip that way next month, and there seems to be many conflicting comments on the condition of the road and some really negative reports about camping spots and lack of picnic facilities and so on. Has anyone been down that way recently who can give some honest comments? Thank you. Reverend
Title: Re: information about Razorback Road
Post by: timneva on August 06, 2019, 09:01:09 PM
G'day Reverend,
We went back out Razorback Rd a couple of months ago after coming into Sofala via Turon Gates (Upper Turon Road) and then along the Palmers Oakey Road. Razorback Road was ok but it's pretty much just a country road running through private property mostly... so not sure what exactly you're looking for in the way of picnic facilities or camping spots?
IMO, the Upper Turon/Palmers Oakey Road is a much nicer drive. It runs parallel to the Turon from Turon Gates and along the Upper Turon Road, then Palmers Oakey Road on towards Sofala and has some nice spots to stop/camp along the way as it meanders through the scrub and along the river. There is a steep/high/rocky/low-range section along Palmers Oakey Road that's slow going through the bush for a few k's but has some good views down onto the river below and there's a few spots either side of that to camp, but there isn't a lot in the way of picnic facilities that way either (tables/toilets and the like) unless you stop in at Turon Gates campground itself. Hope that helps ;-)