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Title: The Hamburger Run (Nindy Gully)
Post by: Ynot on June 16, 2015, 09:27:21 PM
We had a plan! We have been trying to get out to Nindy Gully for some time now specifically to try the Roadtrain burger (the meat patty is 1.2kg alone and feeds up to six people).
For our southern friends, Nindy Gully is just south of St George in south western Queensland.
4 days over the Queens Birthday long weekend was the chosen date with stops at Stanthorpe, Texas and Coolamunda Dam included.
It was a tricky start to the weekend with our travelling companions 80 series droping some studs in the axle cap on the eve of departure so I loan my little two wheel drive ute to him and his son while his wife travelled with us in the Prado.
An early start saw us stop at Aratula for a breaky burger and on to Stanthorpe for most of the day. When we go to Stanthorpe always drop into Suttons for their apple pie and as usual it did not dispoint. We then grabbed a few bottles of wine from Heritage wines and Summit wines (both of these have good wines and are very friendly) before heading onto Texas to camp. Oops, also a quick stop at the Uggboot Lady on the southside as it was expecting to be very cold out at Texas.

Texas is a great little town with two free camps and a caravan park, we chose the camp on the south side of the border as the top side was a little more busy and has a few more rules around grey water etc. there is potable water available in town and a dump point for blackwater as well as free hot showers in the facilities in the main street.
The pub has to be one of the best country pubs for meals that I have come across, reasonably priced but the steaks were cooked perfect (I asked for rare thinking at I may get medium well at best but was cooked perfect). Drinks were cheap and if you got the owner serving the nips were very generous! I can’t rave about Texas enough. It is peaceful and nice down on the clear river. It does get cold though!
From Texas we drove to Goondiwindi for lunch at one of the pubs, not a bad meal and a nice town, but we were aiming to make Nindy Gully that night so pushed on. As we left town we must have passed a dozen MG’s and a handful of other vintage cars and were wondering what was going on, it was soon apparent when we passed the Queensland rail centenary steam train heading east. This was a nice extra for the trip and something you don’t see every day.
Title: The Hamburger Run (Nindy Gully)
Post by: Ynot on June 16, 2015, 09:28:14 PM
We arrived at Nindy Gully pub about mid afternoon and looked around for a site. There are plenty to choose from but be warned, if there is any chance of rain stay up near the pub. It would be an absolute quagmire in any sort of rain. We found too that the pub can be noisy at night as you would expect, but what we didn’t expect was that the leave the stereo going all night even after close time.
Our biggest gripe here was really just the service and food. The staff were just over it and couldn’t be bothered. We had called ahead on Friday and tried to pre-order the big burger but was told “don’t worry, we always have plenty and don’t like taking orders in case you don’t show up”
So we tried to order the burger and they looked like it was going to be a real effort umming and arring etc before going to the kitchen to check it out. Then back with the message “we are out of mince, burgers off”. Sometimes you have to roll with the punches so we decided on Chicken Parma’s all round. These were an utter disappointment and at $25 each was a rip off. The chicken was not crumbed or even grilled and the sauce was strange with a unique blend of tomato and chunks of cucumber…
Anyway the pub itself is full of character and has a nicely grassed outside area with a big roaring fire going. The pub has hot showers that they allow the campers to use and there is a new council toilet block on the camp area with a dump point. There is a bit of movie memorabilia around for the Hugh Jackman movie Paperback Hero that was filmed here in the late nineties.
Packed up the next day for the last night at Inglewood or Coolamunda Dam. There is a free stop at Inglewood by the river which is nice but the truckies are trying to make a dollar so you have to be tolerant of a few rigs going past at night. There is toilets and a dump point in town here too though I am not sure about showers. We opted for a payed night at Coolamunda Dam as I hadn’t been there for years and wanted to check it out. The main caravan park here is off the dam but very close and the owners are really friendly, the sites nicely grassed and a good BBQ area with a communal fire pit.
I would have no probs staying here again and the camping ground on the lakes edge looks ok to, but we were after powered sites at this stage (gotten a bit soft and missed the heater the previous nights…) unfortunately the day use area and fishing hole at the bottom of the dam wall is now closed. This used to be a great fishing spot back a few years ago.
All up a great trip, though a little disappointed about the burger. Check out Texas if you can and support the businesses there as they are one of the few places that go out of their way to encourage camping in the district.( ( my daughter bet me I wouldn't wear her koala beanie in the NG bar.   
Title: Re: The Hamburger Run (Nindy Gully)
Post by: Ynot on June 16, 2015, 09:55:34 PM

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Title: Re: The Hamburger Run (Nindy Gully)
Post by: Ynot on June 16, 2015, 09:57:11 PM

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Title: Re: The Hamburger Run (Nindy Gully)
Post by: Ynot on June 16, 2015, 09:58:38 PM
One more for Texas

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Title: Re: The Hamburger Run (Nindy Gully)
Post by: Rumpig on June 17, 2015, 07:02:03 AM
There's no way I'd ever camp up near the pub at Nindigully, the locals regularly party there all night long on weekends. The stereo going all night happened on our last visit there also,  aswell as doing burn outs on a road bike strapped down on the back of a ute. We were camped right down the back so noise wasn't to bad for us, but the people who got a room at the pub for the night said they got no sleep at all.
Title: Re: The Hamburger Run (Nindy Gully)
Post by: Roo on June 17, 2015, 11:52:24 AM
We had a better experience at Nindy , 1kg T-bone cooked to perfection, happy hour pots in the arvo and a half decent thunderstorm and shower so the Grey brigade all moved up to the top section taking their generators with them. With only a swag we found a suitable high spot as far away as possible from the pub. All said, we had a great experience there and look forward to returning. New owners had taken over the license that week so perhaps they were still really keen.
Title: Re: The Hamburger Run (Nindy Gully)
Post by: Ynot on June 17, 2015, 10:56:59 PM
Yeh, might have just been a tough weekend. As I said to the others, you could probably go and ask the next group of campers what they thought and would get a different perspective.

I guess the main point I really wanted to get out there was how good the people of Texas are to travellers, will defiantly return there for a longer stay.

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