What fridges do you have?

Ice Box/Esky
ABR Sidewinder
National Lunar
Aldi, the wonder fridge
Techni Ice

Author Topic: What Fridge do you use Poll.  (Read 221179 times)

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Re: What Fridge do you use Poll.
« Reply #500 on: August 13, 2021, 01:13:02 AM »
Just to revive and old Thread .  I posses 3 working fridges , all bought at different times for different reasons and all still going . The oldest is a Waeco 35 with the old sliding controls and external 240v transformer , id say 10 years old and  has been used intermittantly as a Fridge/Freezer over the years on many Trips, id say its the loudest and most power hungry of my 3 , got it on Special for 500$ . Next oldest is a 50l  Indel B type sold by Evacool again a 500$ online purchase about 5 years ago used mainly in the Shed , as a Freezer  during the Summer Months , running sometimes 3 months at a stretch . Next and the the one that has been abused the most is , wait for it ,............. a Glacier 28l  that i scored for the Princely sum of 218$ delivered  ! , they Day i got it ,about 3 years ago , i dropped it putting it in the 4WD , the Lid flew off, some of the suround trim fell off and the touch control panel dislodged and was just hanging by electrical wires ! , i nearly turffed it , but decided to try salvage it and cobbled/glued it back together and it sits silently working next to me in the Car still today ! , So despite all the doom and gloom predicted by my Engel owning Mates , for a total outlay of around 1200$ , ive had a good run i think , maybe lucky ? , who knows , cheers.

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Re: What Fridge do you use Poll.
« Reply #501 on: August 13, 2021, 08:28:25 AM »
this grave dig made me think too...

currently got an ARB 65L in the back of the cruiser and a small Waeco console fridge between the front seats (we removed the factory 105 console) and it gives us glorious CUP HOLDERS!

that has been our combo for years of outback trips and travels.

The addition of the Getaway van brought with it a 94' era Electrolux 70L upright 3 way... I sold camping gear in the early 80's when I left school and 3 ways fridges haven't come very far from the same 80's technology. So it's being removed and replaced with a 2nd hand Waeco CR80 upright. 12v/240v only.

Depending on the trip(s), we may option to leave the ARB at home. Or use it *only* as a freezer.
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