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    Hi Swaggers,

    It's been a while between drinks.  I hope you've been keeping well.   ;D

    Between work, and family life - its been busy for me.  In November last year, my wife and I welcomed our 3rd son - Jeremy to the world.  He joins his two older brothers George (5yr) & Patrick (2yr 10m). 

    Contributing to busy work life, amongst other things has been the management of the new website project - that's been underway for far too long.  But has finally gone live a couple of weeks ago.

    The new website comes with these notable features: 
    • 2hr Click & Collect/BOPIS
    • Gift Card system that's redeemable in-store online seamlessly
    • PWA website, making browsing faster and more enjoyable
    • Easier to navigate
    • Better filtering (we have more data enrichment to be done here, to make this feature truly fire)
    • Google Pay (Soon also Apple Pay)
    • Google Sign-in - soon also Apple & Facebook
    • Google & Paypal Express Checkouts
    • Product Comparison Feature
    • Wishlists

Regrettably, with the new website - we did end up needing to require our customers to create new logins, and the transaction history from our old website has had to be taken offline.  This migration task was too big, and cumbersome because we did also migrate ecommerce platforms. 

AS a retailer, I am always trying to serve my customers as best we possibly can, and better than my competitors.

This new website has been a massive investment of time & money to improve our offering.  But, I definitely dont think it's perfect right now.  (It likely wont ever be)

So I am here asking for your feedback of the website, so I can focus our efforts on trying to make it better for our customers.  (Not just what we think you want!)

I do want the good, bad & ugly. 

You're welcome to provide that to me publicly, or by PM.  It's all most appreciated, and greatly welcome. 

Happy Camping! 

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