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SOLD QLD, Rochedale South, ORC Camper, $8450
« on: November 15, 2023, 08:55:26 PM »
ITEM:   Modified CUB Supamatic Camper (ORC)
CONDITION:   Good, used
EXTRA INFO:   The Build Blog for this camper can be read in “My Camper Trailer Build” – Cub Rebuild.  Registered to February 2024

•   Extended Drawbar fitted with Trig Offroad coupling and Alko offroad jockey wheel
•   Alko 5 leaf heavy duty rebound springs
•   300mm electric brakes
•   3 x Nissan Navara alloy wheels fitted with near new 265/70 r16 AT tyres
•   Fold down levelling legs
•   4.5 kg gas bottle in holder

•   Two separate water tanks -75 litres and 60 litres, individually accessed by a Seaflow pressure pump rated at 11.3 lpm, 55 psi
•   Front tank can also be accessed by hand pump
•   Fold out shower room made by Drifta
•   Joolca Hottap feeding to a shower room
•   Shower room fitted with an aluminum shower tray that has discharge capability or can recycle water with a small 12v shower.
•   Unused Thetford Porta Potti Qube 365 toilet with chemicals and housed in the front lockyer.  Stored in a deluxe Drifta bag with PVC bottom.  Bought as a requirement to enter Salt Lakes but never used.

•   Canvas and fold over floor have been replaced with a foam composite of 25mm foam glued to luan ply inner and thin metal outer.
•   Original CUB Fold over section is now a fold down deck and an insulated roof that drops down an Oztent canvas tent to create an additional room.
•   Rear roof section is raised by electric actuators and the fold down deck can be manually winch lowered and raised.
•   Two single beds with storage underneath
•   Document holder on the wall
•   Storage cupboard above the bed head.
•   1500mm Drifta long storage box under bed head that is accessed from outside.
•   Levelling legs on the fold down deck.
•   Drawbar storage box from Drifta with separate compartment for Joolca
•   Perimeter Exoskeleton to protect body panels

•   2 x 40 watt solar panels roof mounted
•   CTEK Dc -Dc charger (D250SA) with feed from tow vehicle and remote solar feed.
•   100 Ahr deep cycle battery
•   LED lighting throughout
•   Remote power sockets
•   Filtered forced air cabin ventilation
•   Sirocco fan for cabin

•   Darche 180 awning over kitchen area
•   Smaller Darche awning at the front that joins with the 180 to create more undercover area.  I used to cook on a Ziggy bbq in this area.
•   Drifta DVB kitchen that is stored between the beds for travel and deployed between the Darche support poles.
•   Drop down shelves on the side of the ORC
•   Pull out Drifta drawer acts as a pantry and another kitchen surface
•   2 burner Coleman stove and various kitchen utensils / pots

LOCATION:   Rochedale South, Qld 4123
CONTACT INFO:    Stuart  0410218545
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