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Hey it’s Oldmate.

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Ultimate Adventures Podcast:
Hey all,   Some of you guys may remember me.  (The original Oldmate). I couldn’t log in under my original name. So thought I would use the podcast one anyway. 
Some off you may not want to remember me, but anyway, I am back to check out what has been going.
We have made a lot of friends from this group, some who we try and avoid, some who we still camp with. .
So since I was here last, we have sold the GU, then gold a Colorado, then sold the ultimate and the Colorado, and bought 18ft van and. GMC 2500. We have since been living in the van, 12months exactly today and are living and working our way around Australia. At our rate it will take 10 years. We are currently on the NSW south coast. 
The podcast I started in 2019 and had a mate who I met through this group co host with me.  Since we have been on the road it is now myself, and Lyndall.  There is not many camping/travel podcasts for Australia and the ones that are here don’t last long or stay active. 
I hope I can change that. 
Anyway, enough of me.

See you guys around.

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Gandalf the White:
Welcome back new old mate.  I know what it’s like to be reincarnated from an old forumner, seeing I was once grey………..

I’ve listened to a few of your podcast episodes and recommend a listen to others.

Hoping we might bump into each other around the country again one day soon

Oh, and yes I’d try and suggest you avoid catching up with bad Scott………unless you want a riotess campfire belly laugh, then definitely do a trip with him:-)

Ultimate Adventures Podcast:

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Welcome back... would be great to see some of the old timers come back... will sus out the podcasts at work... always looking for something to listen to to pass the day..

IM sure GG could sort out your old account if ya wanted it.

Bad Scott:
Watching Ollie parking "the postcode" in Forbes. Best 10mins of laughter

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