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Hi Everyone.  I came across a very old thread about Rescue Swag First Aid kits and thought I should update it.  Lots of people thought it had closed down in 2018-2019, but I bought it from the original owner in July 2019 and since then we have gone from strength to strength by improving an already great Aussie product.  We have added better medical components including tourniquets and trauma bandages.  For those who don't know our product, I'll give you a quick outline of what sets Rescue Swag Kits apart from the rest:

The only kit available that is Waterproof and dustproof without the bulk. It turns into a sling, splint and immobilisation device and can carry water in an Emergency.  We have taken the guesswork out of preparing you for an Emergency by creating an organised affordable pack and made sure there is everything you need and nothing you don't. It was designed in North Qld for our tough Aussie conditions and it won't crack or rust.  All the outers carry a lifetime guarantee and we have refills (from Aussie suppliers) readily available. Praised by Paramedics, First Aid Trainers, Remote Workers. and Conservationists alike. 
We also carry the smallest PLB available which fits perfectly in the outside pocket of the Swag and portable AEDs, Snake bite bandages are standard in every kit, but can also be purchased separately and we have premium Snake Bite kits too.  Plus we have a Special Discount for Swaggers:  Just use code TAKE10 at the checkout to save $10 on any product.  You will find us at

Designed as a Family or Group First Aid Kit.
The first choice for  Campers,  Caravanners,  Fishers, Trades people and Remote Workers.
3 medical supply modules for Minor Accidents, Sprains, Snakebites and Burns and Major Injuries.
The only compact Waterproof, Dustproof Kit available.
Space to customise your kit with personal medications or custom medical items tailored to your activity.
Size: 1.6kg.  380mm wide, 250mm high, 120mm width when rolled up.
Fits easily onto the back of the saddle or into a pannier.  Perfect to hang off the back of a ute or seat.
The Adventurer outer converts to a sling, splint and immobilisation device.

Designed specifically for the adventurer chasing a light weight, more cost effective unit, the Adventurer Rescue Swag ticks all the boxes.  Fitted with a range of essential medical items supplied in the standard Rescue Swag outer, the Adventurer provides a light weight option when space is limited.  Buyers looking to customise their kit have room to move with the Adventurer, with space to add personal medications or custom medical items tailored to their activity.

Some nice looking gear.

Does look good.

I went to buy one from the website but the TAKE10 discount "does not apply to the items in your cart". Bit of a glitch maybe?

Hi I am so sorry!  Yes there was a glitch.  Thanks so much for letting me know.  All fixed now  :D


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