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Best Camping Hot Water System


You know the story of the guy who loved the product so much, he bought the company?

Well, we love the Country Comfort Hot Water System for camping so much that we are now proud stockists! You might have seen us - Southern Cross Camping - at caravan and camping shows along the east coast, particularly around south east Queensland.

So what's so great about the Country Comfort? Well,it's a portable gas water heater system equipped with the latest safety features, which delivers hot water in just 3 seconds. Lightweight too, at just 4.7kg! 

If you love your creature comforts when camping, then we reckon you'll love the Country Comfort shower and portable gas hot water system! This is just one of many quality camping products you'll find at our online store, Southern Cross Camping. When you purchase from us we promise prompt, personal, professional customer service - and you get the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to support an Australian family business.


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