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G'day! Bart here from Joolca - Portable LPG Water heaters.

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Hey guys,
Bart here from Joolca. We are a small company in Melbourne that sells portable hot water units. You're welcome to have a look at our Facebook page or website to have a look at some images and customer testimonials. You can also have a look at our YouTube page for some video demonstrations. In saying that, I'm not here to advertise. I hope to not only learn from everyone here, but to also give my two cents about portable hot water and to answer any questions or concerns anyone may have.

I like the idea but after scooting around your website  I couldn't find out how much it cost.

Hi Bart and welcome..

I am currently looking at a country comfort system and are interested in some more info on your system.

why should I purchase yours over the Country Comfort unit? Oh and as Muzz said how much?

Price is on there now - $299 for the "Hottap"
Neat little unit.
However "Flotap" product page won't load

@muzza01: Thats strage, did you check the product page? (not trying to be funny ha ha). The price should be up there but we've been having some trouble lately so that might explain why you couldn't see it. Anyhow the unit is $299 including delivery.

@wilson79: The country comfort works in a similar way to our system. We do believe that we have the best portable water heater on the market, from the quality of the components, the general finish, down to the details like accessories, instruction manual design etc. For us the HOTTAP is our business, we don't sell other unrelated products. Because we have this focus we're constantly improving our product - improved digital display with battery indicator, snap connectors for water inlet / outlet (to save you screwing them on and losing rubber gaskets while out camping) / improved shower hose (higher pressure and UV resistant) etc.

We're releasing a range of accessories very soon which we don't want to reveal but are things that people in the myswag community and others have mentioned there is a need for.

Finally, we have a proper two year warranty that actually means something. We have parts in stock and we actually repair faulty units rather than throw them out, because we know how to.



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