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Hints on selling your vehicle.

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When selling a vehicle especially a 4WD make it shine. So many sellers these day take crappy photos , advertise it dirty and then wonder why no one shows interest. Buyers will want to see pictures of it like new, no dirty motors , no dust inside but sparkling.


Detail from top to bottom yourself or pay someone to do it.

Armor All or simliar product inside and out.

Clean the motor. Even under the bonnet itself.

Clean all the door seals, rubbers etc and all dust is gone. Yes this can take time but buyers want a clean car.

Any extras such as awnings have them extended for the photos plus any extras have them photographed.

Get great photos so that buyers can see what they are buying. Your not selling a cheap DVD player, if you have to pay a professional photographer so be it or find someone doing a photographer course from tafe etc and ask them to take the photos, the more the better. Spend money to make money.

Make a story, photos from the outside including front, sides , rear then internally. Use wide angle shots if necessary.

Describe every addition you have put into the vehicle. Add up the cost you have invested in the extras. Were they installed professionally or not.

Remember you have taken this vehicle off road not just to church every Sunday. Buyers want to know you have not flogged it to death. Mention the service history and have the receipts to prove it.

You are vying for the same buyer like everyone else so make sure you are on their consideration list. It must scream value for money.

Be prepared to negotiate.

Good luck with the sale.


spoken like a real estate agent  ;D ;D ;D ;D

I prefer to see the engine and chassis as is , if I smell degreaser or fresh chassis black I start to wonder ....esp in older cars 10Yr +

But you are 100% right photos photos and more photos are what gets people interested that or free  :cheers: :cheers: on inspection LOL.

jet ;D ;D

I price my cars at what I would happily pay for it.

Seems to do the trick.

Put Nissan badges all over it :)


--- Quote from: Bullant4x4 on September 29, 2014, 09:46:30 PM ---Put Nissan badges all over it :)

--- End quote ---

Then you will have to pay people to take it

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