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How often do you use your camper (Poll)

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Had my Trackie since Oct and already hit the 7 trips.  Didn't buy it to store it.
It is however winterised atm til maybe August/Sept.

We almost do 1 a month


--- Quote from: SJindustries on May 21, 2014, 06:31:54 PM ---What about an option for people who haven't had it for a year yet but have done quite a few trips in it.
Ours is 5 Months old, but has done 4 trips so far. Not enough trips we Know ;D

--- End quote ---

An estimate would be ok. The poll could have 100 options but its just a guide. Put down what you think would suit you best.

--- Quote from: lino6 on May 21, 2014, 06:22:29 PM ---How about an option for not nearly enough!

My grand plans were ruined when SWMBO found a job she liked! I was hoping that we might have done a bit of touring when she quit her job and I'd take my long service, perhaps I should have told her that plan! Oh well, we'll get there one day  :D

--- End quote ---

Mate sorry cant control SWMBO job choices  ;D

Pick what suits you best.


We're probably lucky as there's a niece, nephew & ourselves, all with campers, who take it in turns to select a destination once a month.

Always never often enough


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