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Brett: Forum Information/Etiquette/Manners

In order to post to the forum you must first register, providing a valid email address. Shortly thereafter you will receive an email notification of your account activation.

When on the forum, please use appropriate language and be civil to each other at all times. This forum is designated a "family friendly environment". In other words, please treat other forum users in the same manner that you expect to be treated. Any participant that does not follow acceptable etiquette will be ejected and banned from the forum.

For the most part has been a harmonious place, where members respect each other. It is OK to disagree and to proffer an alternative view, but it is not OK to denigrate others or to be needlessly argumentative. Sometimes you will have to accept that others may hold a different view to yours.

The Mod team have decided to take some action, and some members will no longer feature on here.

Feel free to visit the Electrical Section for instance, without fear of endless disputes. Happy days!

If any member is concerned about the tone or content of a post, please use the "Report to Moderator" button. The moderators will review the report and take action if they feel it appropriate.


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