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Rules for the Showroom Floor - Please Read


Showroom Section Rules

1. Only one thread per business. Multiple threads from the same business will be merged or deleted.

2. Do not “Bump” your thread to the top of the list. All posts must add value to your thread.

3. Threads with only hyperlinks to another website will be deleted. You must also supply details of you business and products.

4. Remember this is FREE advertising and the more you put into your thread the more interest you will generate.

5.  If you haven't logged into Myswag in the past 12 month your thread will be deleted.

For any questions please PM me.

Members - Please only post / reply if you are requesting imformation, photo's or have a question about the product.
Please no spam in this area.

The forum is most definitely NOT the place for any one business to warn against another, particularly where there may be a suggestion of competition.

Commercial operators who participate on the forum are welcome, because one hopes that they have skills, experience or knowledge that relates to their enterprise. The advice provided by commercial operators is done because of (1) a sense of community or interest (2) and to establish credibility and clearly thereby possibly develop relationships with customers. One hopes also that vendors are participating for their personal benefit and have an interest in camper trailers and those other core values of this forum.

However, that welcome does not extend to criticism of competitors or products similar to those offered by the vendor, anywhere on the forum, or blatant self promotion in any area other than Showroom Floor. Vendors should not solicit in the topic of any member, but it may be appropriate to offer a recommendation by PM or other private method of communication.

Members may recommend a vendor, this does not constitute self promotion, but any substantive relationship should be disclosed, else one should assume no relationship other than buyer/seller/reviewer exists.

Members may offer their experiences of a vendor that, from time to time, will be negative. This should not be done to impugn the vendor and should be done carefully, with a mind to liability, as no liability will be accepted by the forum.


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