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Bunda cliff access closed to public
« on: September 12, 2023, 10:40:55 AM »
Interesting posts on wikicamps regarding the campgrounds along the Bunda cliffs on the Nullabour. Apparently over the last few days signs have been placed by authorities  closing off access to the areas.
Glad we did it last year as looks like it's now gone.
Whether it's for conservation  reasons or as has been shown by recent drone footage, evidence of large cracks under the camping areas.
Not suprising the fear that something bad would happen when you get caravanners parking their 6T setups as close as they can to get the perfect social media post.

This was footage posted a few weeks back that may have led to the action. -R&c[0]=AT2c_XG9_8nqzUYL8-oIzUjb6VhNdcimP-btOtUMs919abOASTP519KP-5VNXqzK2RNu7tDR-OQ_sp1QrTH6hcBYX8t6vyUw8-g2cvBsNxVHz3qYWPgRHZJVwj1LyA223v9Ys3Vm5hmN5s07th_miYNepYQyy2JHcgYC2xM]]-R&c[0]=AT2c_XG9_8nqzUYL8-oIzUjb6VhNdcimP-btOtUMs919abOASTP519KP-5VNXqzK2RNu7tDR-OQ_sp1QrTH6hcBYX8t6vyUw8-g2cvBsNxVHz3qYWPgRHZJVwj1LyA223v9Ys3Vm5hmN5s07th_miYNepYQyy2JHcgYC2xM
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