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Re: Lost Pole Carrier
« Reply #675 on: April 09, 2019, 09:45:40 PM »
I also need to replace a tail light due to some miscommunication.  We have now decided that I will reverse the trailer all by myself with no assistance.  Given the driveway this will prove costly as touch is the only method left.  may be a drone.   :D
Nicely put 🤣
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Re: Lost Pole Carrier
« Reply #676 on: June 26, 2019, 07:31:51 PM »
Funny thing happened on the way to Paradise Valley it looks as though I lost my pole carrier between Balwyn and the valley.  Went to set up and no pole carrier and therefore no poles.  You can see the remnants of the pop rivets but that's all. It did not seem loose on my pre travel inspection but it had survived for 13 years over some horrific terrain.

Whilst I am annoyed we lost the poles I am more concerned it did not hit anyone and cause them grief.  I have contacted the police and let them know in case they have a report.

CUB have quoted me $400 to replace the pole set.  Is it really worth it?  I have some 'normal' poles and they will do the job but is their much advantages to the cross bracing that the original set provides?

Thanks so much for posting this.  After reading the post I tied a precautionary rope around the pole carrier on our 2007 Brumby before tackling the Oodnadatta Track.  Sure enough, the rivets failed and the pole carrier came loose, but the rope saved it from going the same way yours did.  Now I have to figure out if its worth repairing the clips or figuring out some other way to carry the annex poles.

Having caught some windy weather, I think the spreaders with C clamps would be useful to keep the annex secure in winds.  Normal upright poles should be OK, but I've heard that the clips known as "Tarp Buddies" help keep the annex from collapsing in winds.
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« Reply #677 on: July 28, 2021, 12:47:23 PM »
Sorry for the mega thread revival, have just joined the cub club with a little 84 cub camp-o-matic.

Picked up the campomatic for the same price as a rusty 6x4, initially to turn into dry storage for camping, as the canvas is damaged.
However, having seen other hardfloor campers out there the tent is actually growing on me and may replace if the canvas isn't too expensive.

Are there any recommended places in Melbourne for a new canvas?


Not sure if accurate (please correct if wrong)
Make/Model: CUB Camp-o-matic
Year: 1984
Tare weight: 200kg
GVM: 300kg
Width Total: 170cm
Track: 140cm (?)
Body Length: 224cm
Body Height: 40cm (35cm without lid)
Total Length: 313cm (inc what appears to be an aftermarket receiver)
Total height (with oem wheel and floor): 108cm
PCD: 5x108mm (Holden HT)
Wheel/Tyre: Alloy 10x3.5B 0et(?) 145/80r10 69S
Bearing: LM 39mm (?)
Axle: over spring solid axle
Spring: Light duty (450kg?) 5 leaf spring 45mmx710mmx6mm eye to eye
Shackle: 65mm eye to eye
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« Reply #678 on: July 28, 2021, 02:09:02 PM »
I was looking for this thread for you yesterday, but couldn't find it! ::)

Don't worry, 12 months is still fresh, isn't it Birdie ??? >:D
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« Reply #679 on: July 28, 2021, 03:13:46 PM »
There arent many canvas places around anymore doing  trailers and such..

Most well known is Southern Cross Canvas in Bayswater.. Not cheap - but will last and be right first time

Or this joint, NFI of their quality - link comes from an old thread.

few links
Click to enlarge

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« Reply #680 on: July 28, 2021, 09:25:58 PM »

I'll contact them for a quote
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« Reply #681 on: August 07, 2023, 08:16:59 PM »
Keeping the Cub Club alive!!

Starting a mini renovation on our 2014 Spacevan Escape.
I've replaced the main seal multiple times and it just keeps falling off. Had the Tvan folks in Bayswater do it too, and it started falling off within 2 weeks.

Anyone have any superior alternatives to the standard foam?
-Phil & Kate

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« Reply #682 on: August 08, 2023, 08:56:50 AM »
Take a sample to a Clark Rubber store, I purchased all the seals etc. in 2020 from Clark Rubber.