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Tentworld on Youtube
« on: February 08, 2019, 12:27:32 PM »
Hi Swaggers,

For a while now the team in all the stores have been going out of their comfort zones, to bring you videos on all the gear they love. 

You can see all their work here:

All these videos have been made by our in-store teams in the stores across the country.

So you might notice that the audio isnt TV grade but gives you a true, genuine look at different bits of gear.

If you havent yet, it'd be great if you did head over there and watch any videos that might take your interest. 

If you have any video requests.  Please make sure you pass them along!  We love requests, and will do our best to oblige! 

Any feedback you have on the videos is also well received.  We are here to help, and if we can do it better we'd love to know !

Looking forward to hearing from you.   ;D :cheers:

Happy Camping

Happy Camping! 

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