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Re: Thermomix
« Reply #175 on: April 21, 2019, 01:08:20 PM »
and my theory is "how much did those mags cost? or what about the winch, or that evacool, or a 2in lift kit with those 33 in muddies accompanied by those "oh so necessary diff locks" lets add up the average list of boys toys and compare them to the thermo .....(((is my plea case starting to look good yet???)))  :cheers:

Problem is you need both, right? And those diff lockers? I’d pick them over a Thermie! They’ve got me out of trouble, and I can cope with a saucepan and stick mix in the camper for now

Thermomix is always the first “big ticket” item to get put off. We’ve been talking about getting one for years (and do intend to take it camping, but we have secure lockable places to store it), but then I went and bought another TD42 didn’t I? We will get one one day...

If you want to use the heating function the consensus is that you really should be running it off a genny, otherwise it will suck you batteries dry pretty quick smart... if your inverter can even handle it. But the rest of the functions are meant to be quite ok to run.
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