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Those last couple should be in the smile thread.
General Discussion / Re: AFL Season 2017
« Last post by prodigyrf on Yesterday at 10:21:33 PM »
I take it this is the new Hawthorn CEO after the last one wasn't up to scratch?
General Discussion / Re: Resigned - Gunna hit the road.
« Last post by Barrabart on Yesterday at 09:58:14 PM »
It'll be the best decision you'll ever make. We've been on the road 4 years and love it. There is plenty of work out there and you will have a crack at jobs you never imagined yourself doing. Life is cheap on the road, we work on average 3 months of the year. If you can find a housesit while your working you will save a fortune in park fees. Most of our jobs have included accommodation which is also handy.
As for the perfect set up, it's a unicorn, there is always a compromise. We started with a swag and a boat and now have a AOR Q+. I miss having a boat but LOVE having a shower and toilet as we free camp 99% of the time.
Good luck, you've taken biggest step, it's all fun from here!
Cheers Kim
Thanks Kim, my wife and I are pretty excited!  I'll be frikken over the moon on my last fly out from here.

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General Discussion / Re: Resigned - Gunna hit the road.
« Last post by Barrabart on Yesterday at 09:55:31 PM »
Plenty of jobs out there. Hit the road and you will nevef look back. Its coming up to 3 years since we left Cairns.

Yeah mate, your travels have been on my mind.

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General Discussion / Re: Who is your NBN Provider?
« Last post by prodigyrf on Yesterday at 09:52:23 PM »
Haven't got one yet but the Glenelg area is due to go live with the overhead Telstra HFC cable in a fortnight which is 12 months ahead of our long term schedule so using the existing infrastructure has it's plusses.

Watched the 4 Corners episode and it wasn't anything new. Basically everyone wants unlimited downloads at Gigabit speeds like magical Dunedin but can't afford to pay the cost it so 83% of subscribers opt for 25/5 plans or less. NZ fits into Australia 28.6 times and nobody promised 93% of Kiwis they'd get superfast broadband. Like the missus GF at Marino still waiting for connection after 4 visits, it's pretty obvious NBNCo are racing on with straightforward installs and leaving any prickly ones or their stuff ups for a later date in order to get the revenue in.

As Bill Morrow points out they'll need another tenner a month incl GST out of consumers just to break even on current rollout costs and we now have the figures to show how hopelessly the vision splendid was costed in the first place. Conroy was banking on an average of $1500/premise for full fibre when the 14 finalist tenderers rolled their eyes and shook their heads trying to be polite-
and you can see now how even full fibre is $1500 a premise dearer than FTTC, let alone FTTN and HFC and what's more that fibre cost is only greenfields installs-

Not sure who I'll go with but it won't be the unlimited download mobs as you're on a hiding to nothing getting congestion with all the couch potatoes and gamers, etc.


General Discussion / Re: What's making news today? 2017 Edition
« Last post by Troopy_03 on Yesterday at 09:35:57 PM »
I'm guessing they've thrown in all the family tax benefit A and B, as well as all the childcare rebates and first home buyers and any other subsidy/rebate no matter how minuscule.
Sure, I guess getting $15 back from the gov on some random payment is probably 'technically' and hand out. But some hey, any outrage is good outrage right...... ;)

Actually I got a massive $200 tax return this year, that's from the government coffers too isn't it...... ;D

It's only money that you already paid on top of what you were actually required to. So it may have been sitting in the coffers, but it was always yours anyway... and they didn't pay you any interest on that loan..  ;D
Here too.
Booked 24hour on 13 June :)
General Discussion / Re: Bought a house with a hidden pool
« Last post by landbarge on Yesterday at 09:11:31 PM »
Might be a bit late but I had a friend who went to subdivide his block and found a buried pool. The vendor who sold the property had to pay for the removal of the pool as it should have been disclosed prior to selling.

This was in Melville WA
Great part of the world.

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General Discussion / Re: Every Inch Helps
« Last post by Annieandandy on Yesterday at 09:01:13 PM »
First thing I noticed with the our new 79 Cruiser is the gear stick seams low when I have the seat back in a comfortable position for everyday driving, Problem solved by a small Aussie business doing really neat work, a 2 inch gear stick extension was ordered and delivered within 7 days from SA to QLD.
Installed this arvo, the small difference it has made is terrific, left shoulder and upper back seam to be in a much more comfortable level. I have no affiliation just a happy customer,
Drew has a few other terrific products for quirky LandCruiser problems.


Could be something to do with your short arms and long pockets?? Lol
General Discussion / Re: AFL Season 2017
« Last post by Kangaron on Yesterday at 08:54:13 PM »
So what has happened to this little investigation.
It appears to be gathering dust[y]
Some $$ must have changed hands.

Note : This picture has been on all the news bulletins and in all the papers so should be safe enough to post here.

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