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Tentworld Cairns Opening Soon


Jon Burrell - Tentworld:
Hi Swaggers,

I'm very proud to announce to you that we have secured a fantastic shop in Cairns!  Located in the Showgrounds Shopping Centre - where we're sharing half of what was previously ToysRUs with Vinnies.  Along with a whole bunch of other terrific businesses. 

It is going to be a fantastic shop for the Cairns locals, and those already on their holidays exploring FNQ. 

We are aiming to open late October, early November.

So we are on the hunt for campers to join the team! You will be joining our highly experienced store manager who decided he wanted to move to paradise from Canberra (who can blame him!) so we have a variety of positions available including Full Time & Casual. 

You can see all our vacancies for the Cairns store, as well as across the group here.

We are always on the lookout for campers, so make sure you highlight this in your resume. 

Kind Regards & Happy Camping, 


Jon this is VERY exciting news!  Brett and I will actually be in Cairns next week with the Tin Lids so will do a drive by and check out where the new shop is going to be.  Congratulations  :cup: :cup: :cup:

Jon Burrell - Tentworld:
 Thank you Jillsy!  :cheers:

Hopefully by the time you get there, we might have some kind of signage up... But most likely not. 

If you see the faded blue portion of the shopping centre, beside Vinnies - thats where we are.  With any luck signage & painting will be completed in the next few weeks!

Enjoy your trip to Cairns!!! Sounds like you're on holidays having a great time!! ENJOY! 


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