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Australian Made & Owned - Expedition134 Heavy Duty Storage Box


Jon Burrell - Tentworld:
Hi Swaggers,

Recently, we ranged some nice Australian made & owned storage boxes which are the passionate project of some Aussie travellers - Ben Kincade & Nic McKenzie who were not satisfied with the options available on the market and took it upon themselves to solve it. 

These Expedition134 Storage Boxes have some great features that as travellers, you will appreciate including:

1 - Water & Dust Proof Seals.
2-  Able to be strapped down, but still opened
3 - Lockable
4 - Lightweight, but strong.
5 - Easy to hose out & clean.
6 - Stackable, and lock together.

They're available in 4 colours - Orange, Black, Olive and Grey. 

You can learn more about them here:

The lids are interchangeable, so you can mix up the look of them for individuality for when travelling in large groups with lots of boxes... Or just for your preferred styling.   

They're in stock at all Tentworld stores - come and have a look!   ;D :cheers:


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