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Would Tentworld import these tents?



These tents seem to fill a big gap in the market.  It's kind of a pop up tent that is compact, quick and gets great ratings.

There are larger ones too.

Tentworld should look at these.

Jon Burrell - Tentworld:
Thank you for the suggestion! 

I have never seen this style of tent before! It appears to use the same frame style as the Oztent Screen House in how it pitches, but obviously it has the tent features...

My only concern with this Gazelle Tent is that is only has a cap rain fly.  Often, we find that this is not sufficient for Australian camping conditions to protect you enough from condensation & to provide adequate ventilation options during raining conditions.  It is possible though that they can customise this tent for Australian conditions though.

I will enquire with them as to their plans for distribution in Australia and see what's involved in getting on board.  Be warned though, this process does often take from 3-4 months at its fastest - to 6 - 12 months often. 

Thanks John,

I have been on the hunt for an alternative to a single pole touring tent that is light, easy to set up and tear down and is compact. As you indicate, these would probably not be much chop if you are expecting a bit of rain, but as a desert touring tent they show promise.

As to the timing, not a problem, I don't think I am going anywhere soon and already have too many tents. It would replace one that I have today if it was suitable. It gets good reviews, even in the wet and wind.


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