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Jon Burrell - Tentworld:
Hi Swaggers, 

Just a quick heads up to you to let you know that we've become National Luna dealers.  We have received our first shipment of National Luna fridges! 

All stores now have the most popular National Luna 60L Dual Thermostat Stainless Steel Fridge in-stock & on display for you to examine.

National Luna have a wide range of fridge sizes available in dual zone, as well as single zone from as small as 40L up to 110L

You can view their entire range here:

I know before we started talking to National Luna, I had not been able to put my eyes on a newer model unit for some time but have seen many older units in customers cars over the years. 

Needless to say when I saw their new models in the flesh, and their build quality.  I was impressed, and believe that you will be too (or I wouldnt have bought so many!!). 

How many National Luna fridge owners are there in this forum?  Any feedback for us? 

Looking forward to hearing from you & hearing your feedback on them.



Hey Jon,
We are very happy with our NL 90ltr twin tub...
Have had one for approx 5+ years.
Its good features include:
--  Very low power consumption.
--  Proper fridge freezer speration.
--  Duel temp controls.
--  S/S shell...
-- Higher initial spend to get one...

It is used exclusively to support our off grid caravaning....    (OG for approx 5 day stints).    No worries about battery delpletion ...

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They are my dream fridge! Very nice units, just gotta wait till my Evakool dies (not likely any time soon) and buy some pain killers for the price. I will get one, one day!

Very happy with our 90l twin in the Kavango.

Long but interesting video about how they're made:

Jon Burrell - Tentworld:
Thanks Adrian, I did find that video ages ago when we first started discussing becoming National Luna dealers but then couldnt find it!  It is a great video and excellent to see that just about every component is made in house at National Luna. 


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