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Fireside Pop-Up Collapsible Portable Firepit - Now at Tentworld!

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Jon Burrell - Tentworld:
Hi Swaggers,

We've just received in our first shipment of the Fireside Pop-Up Collapsible Firepits following the trip I took to Denver USA with my Dad Alex.  When we met the inventor Mark, we knew we had to have it. 

It packs away smaller than most chairs, and weighs only 3.3kg. 

To protect the grass from drying out underneath, can be optioned up with a heat shield that packs away neatly with the original unit. 

This is it in its carry bag. 

Before we imported them to Australia, we had to be sure that they were suitable for Australian hardwoods as typically Americans burn pine.  So I tested one for an evening and loaded it up.

I filmed my testing of it, which you can see here by using this link:

Here's a screen shot of the testing: 

Because the fire sits on very thin mesh, it breathes very very well and is easy to light & burns efficiently - it leaves very little coals at the end. 

I have owned a few firepits in my life, all have been bulky, heavy & difficult to store which meant mostly they stayed in my shed or under the house rusting away. 

What do the swaggers think of it, did you see it on Kickstarter? 

We've got the firepit for sale for $199

The heatshield for sale for $24.99

The cooking grill for sale for $99.99

They're in stock at all Tentworld locations now, so can be viewed in-store too! 

I think you'll be impressed! 

Interesting. I like how it elevates the cooking surface. It's a lot less expensive than the Snowpeak versions too.

What abo the possible issue of Aluminium melting?

agree, does look really good. Appears the cooking height is fixed though, Snowpeak conveniently has 3 or 4 possible heights which is good as the coals die down or you add more wood

Seems well thought out, nothing revolutionary about it (maybe the use of aluminium) but incorporates a number of design features from elsewhere to good effect.

Jon Burrell - Tentworld:

--- Quote from: boobook on January 30, 2019, 06:22:50 AM ---Interesting. I like how it elevates the cooking surface. It's a lot less expensive than the Snowpeak versions too.

What abo the possible issue of Aluminium melting?

--- End quote ---

It is a fairly different design to snowpeak - theirs folds flat, this folds into a quad fold bag - like a chair.  But yes, the Snowpeak gear whilst lovely is very very expensive.

It also gives a much larger fire pit.  Snow peak is 45x45cm vs the Fireside at 61cmx61cm

It's lighter too at 3.3kg vs 5kg with a fairly large packed size.

RE:  Melting - I was a bit worried about this too, and was the main reason why I brought a sample home from Denver before placing the order.  I know in the US they do burn a lot more pine than hardwoods, and was worried the coals from hardwood might be the tipping point.  As I've seen aluminium jaffle irons melt in campfires and 660degrees is possible.

However,  the fire or coals do not directly touch any aluminium component, the fire sits on stainless mesh & the instructions do recommend to keep the coals off of the aluminium edging too.  So no bon fires in this firepit.  However,  it does still allow for a large, but controlled fire.

Even if coals were to touch - because its the outside of the fire - rather than the centre of the coals, the risk is not high. 

Notice also on the edges of the aluminium, the edging this is designed to increase the surface area to help in it keeping cool. 

In my testing with australian hardwoods, the temps of these aluminium components didnt come anywhere close to the 660 degrees required to melt aluminium. 


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