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On the search for an Ideal, light touring tent

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I'm on the search for a new tent - something that is super easy to set up and tear down.

The Oztents ticks every box except one. The packed up size and shape. I have a 200 and I don't want to put anything on the roof for a few reasons. I have looked closely at the Oztent and just can't see it working for me.

I want the utopia touring tent.
3 - 4 person tent. But only for 2 people.
Small packed size, preferably no more than about 80cm x 20 x 20
Just a few minutes to pack up and tear down. For moving daily.
No more than about 14 - 15 kg
Approx 1.6m or more height internally
preferably a small vestibule / verandah for storing shoes etc
NO bloody FLY - or a fly that only has to be used when it is pouring. A half fly would be ok like some Black wolf tents use.

Nothing seems to fit all that from what I can see.
I have a Southern Cross Canvas tent. Beautiful tent but it is so bulky and heavy.
I have had 2 Black Wolfs, they are too bulky when packed and impossible to get back in the bag.
Oztent needs to be on the roof.
Looked closely at the Colman instant up style tents and competitors. They come close but they seem to need a full fly and aren't that compact.
Air tents are pretty bulky when packed.
Instant style tents that I have found are too low.
Not interested in another swag.

The closest 2 I can see are the
Darche Safari 260
and the
Oztrail Tourer 9

If the Safari 260 was a bit lighter, it would be perfect. If the Oztrail had some rain protection over the door it too would be perfect.

So the closest I can find is the Darche, but compared to my Southern cross, I'd only be saving a Kilo or two.

Has anyone got any ideas on other tents? I know I am being particular but I already have a few tents and I want something quite specific.

Why can't they make a tent in a light material that doesn't need a full fly?

Any ideas?

(Note also posted on 4x4 earth)

Alan Loy:
How often would you need rain protection?  You could buy the Tourer tent and just put up the rain protection when needed.  I used a ridge pole from the center tent pole to an additional pole then put a tarp over that.  It worked well but requires 5 pegs 2 poles and the tarp extra.  You could just use the camper fly and not the ridge pole if saving the 1.5kg is important.

This setup gives lots of extra cover from rain and sun when it is important   I love this fly as it's light but works as well as a heavy tarp.

For quick pegs I use large coach screws and a drill to screw them in and out.  It saves me heaps of time.

Oztent, for the small price of having it on the roof, it is the best tent.


Can't help with any other suggestions, Oztrail tourer plus would be my suggestion...we did Cape York and The Simpson trips as a family of 3 then 4 people in one of those. For 2 people just use the extra room internally to keep shoes etc dry inside the tent on a towel at the entry, no need for a roof rack as it fits in the wagon area. In saying that, they aren't a light tent when all packed together....i used to store the poles separately to the tent just to break it's weight up when getting it in and out of the vehicle. We had the extra side poles that allow removal of the centre pole, I'd use the centre pole to pitch the tent and then add the side poles and remove centre pole, giving one big open area inside the tent...never took the front "awning" poles away on trips, just to save on a touch extra weight


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