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Tentworld Woolloongabba - QLD Now Open!

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Jon Burrell - Tentworld:
Hi Swaggers, 

Yesterday,  we were able to open the doors for the first time to show off our new showroom.  Whilst we're still putting the final touches on some displays, the shop is looking great and is HUGE! More than 2x the size of the Windsor shop. 

The new address is 178 Logan Rd, Woolloongabba QLD 4350 or use this link to see where we are on Google Maps

Here are some happy snaps of the shop to whet your appetite:

We are still continuing with setting up displays, but please feel free to drop in and check out the store.  We think you'll be suitably impressed! 

Happy Camping ! 

Kind Regards, 


Looking good mate. How about opening a store in Victoria?  In shepparton ? There's an empty Rays in the main street.

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Theres one in Ferntree Gully

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I noticed the one at Windsor has closed but didn’t know you had just moved to Woolloongabba.

I’m in the market for a new tent so will be sure to drop in.

Jon Burrell - Tentworld:
Cheers Gordo! 

We do have one store in Victoria currently,  in Ferntree Gully, Melbourne.  A short, easy 209km, 2hrs 30min Sunday drive from Shepparton!!   ;D   

Here is the Google Maps link to its location: it is a large store too. 

We are also happy to set aside stock overnight to allow you to come for a trip to visit, and not leave disappointed. 

Thank you for your suggestion of Shepparton to open a store. I do like Shepparton. In many ways it reminds me of my home town - Toowoomba although it's a bit smaller than Toowoomba.

I visited Shepparton for a few days last year seeing the wifes extended family who live in the area, to celebrate her grandparents 70th wedding anniversary.    I had breakfast one day at Friars Cafe, and another day at Lemon Tree Cafe.  Walked along the paths at Victoria Lake Park and visited the Shepparton Motor Museum amongst just general driving & discovery of the area.  All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and could imagine living there.

We do have Shepparton on our list for future expansion, although, it is a little bit down the list.  However, you are right - there are some nice buildings available there currently.


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