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I was asked by a member the other day who was behind the scenes of MySwag. The following members keep this place up and running.

Have been a member here since 2008 when I was looking for a Tambo, now onto my second one and drive a 200 cruiser, had a 4.2 GU Patrol an upgrade from a Triton ute. Spend as much time out and about with the family while they are young but it gets difficult sometimes with work at times

Have been a moderator for a couple of years and get a great deal out of the forum, have met some great people and had some great adventures through the knowledge and guidance of the members here.


Well, I was number 2 member of this forum when established May 2007. Brett asked Craig and myself to come on and help him establish a camper trailer forum that was missing from the market. So, here we are several years on and with MySwag prospering.

I drive a 2006 4.2Tdi Patrol Wagon and have had several 4wds over the years. Camper trailers have varied from first being a home made job, then a Customline soft floor, 2005 Kimberley Kamper LE and a 2010 Jayco Hawk. Currently no camper trailer with no intention on getting one as I prefer minimalist camping now as I tow a boat instead. MySwag is a great place to meet like minded people, hope you enjoy as much as I do.....:-)

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Folks can look us up but I don't recall a formal listing.

Well folks, I joined in about 2009 when there was about 5/600 members. Have had a couple of campers, currently the excited owner of a Trackabout Safari SV Extenda towed by a V8 100 series.

I don't get to go camping all that often anymore, as I go to a lot of camping shows instead, but I think about camping every single day.


My name is Craig and have been here since day one when Brett identified the need for this site and brought myself and Teabag on board

I started out with a 5" lifted Patrol, Camprite camper and at this stage was heavily into the 4WD scene and just starting into the camper / camping scene

Now have a 200 series and a Kimberly and am much more into the camping scene and less so the 4WDing.......also the RC crawler bug is just starting to bite

married with two kids and we all like getting out and about whenever possible

Michael here, seens I joined back in the early days May 2007,  geeezzz have we been going that long  :o

Back then I had a Pathfinder and Jayco Eagle camper, progressed into Jayco Swan then came the Pajero followed by the current Shak, Sheraton or Hilton as it became know as around here (Jayco Expanda).
Yeah it'a bloody caravan, but I still sleep under canvas.  ;D

After a MySwag 1st Birthday meet I was asked to come onboard as a Moderator and here I am to this day, granted a little in the background these days but still here.


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